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Now many stationmaster all say, September end, PR value will update, so namely PageRank, webpage level technology. Taken from Google's founder Larry Page, it is part of Google's ranking algorithm (the ranking formula) that identifies the level/importance of the page. Levels ranging from 0 to 10, and 10 to full marks. The higher the PR value, the more popular The Web page is (the more important). For example: a PR value of 1 site indicates that the site is not too 17891.html "> popularity, and the PR value of 7 to 10 indicates that the site is very popular (or extremely important).

What can be done to improve the PR value? I'll talk about what I'm doing now:

1, with the PR high Web site do not have too many links outside the chain, but better, preferably with their own site of the same type or PR higher site links, so conducive to the search engine included. For the new station should not be linked to similar sites, because if your station does not better than others, your traffic will be a PR of 1, links less than 10 of the site's value is much greater than a PR of 4 links on the site. If you are a mature site, then be sure to choose a link to the high links, and sometimes their own competitors can do the site, cooperation can be a win.

2 Soft Wen This period of time to write more soft wen to the weight of the station release such as A5 webmaster net Tianya and so on these stations are very famous, generally soon included increase your number of your links out of the current flow of large, well-known high, frequent updates on important sites.

3 Your link out of the current flow of large, high-profile, frequently updated important sites can be more use of personal signatures where appropriate to do.

4 The importance of the content of your site to update content in time, then the search engine will often come to your page, you update the frequency faster, then the search engine to your page number will be more. The content of the best original, now the search engine to the heavy technology is very advanced, a friend did an experiment, small to change a title, big to the content of the 90% have changed, but the search engine to escape the eyes.

Do these 4 aspects, I am doing this now! ETC Update PR value arrival!

New handwritten articles, please correct me.

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