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China's oil plate rose once to 3%, directly pushing up the Shanghai index to turn red news agency map Liu Jianping mapping Click here to see all the financial news picture by the IPO restart and peripheral stock market continued to be depressed, yesterday a A-shares trend, followed by the Chinese oil (601857)  such as the weight of the stock, the Shanghai Composite index of the whole day to take the trend of low, not only fully back up the day of the gap, and once again stood on the 2,600-point integer gateway.  As of yesterday's close, the total market value of the cities was 17.87 trillion yuan, compared with the previous day, an increase of 83.2 billion yuan. Shanghai bought more than the volume of sales in Friday, the U.S. stock market again lower and the news of the resumption of domestic IPOs are under pressure on the A-shares, yesterday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock indexes jumped short and open,  Shanghai Composite Index to the lowest 2538.62 points, and deep card exponentially also fell below the million points, and then in the brokerage stocks and real estate, such as the weight of the stock index gradually rebound.  In the afternoon of opening, China's oil suddenly pulled up, by this led, the weight of stocks have stabilized, the Shanghai Composite Index successfully regained the 2,600 mark, the stock also began to fully active. Finally, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2610.01 points, slightly up 0.48%.  Shen exponentially reported close to 10182.16 points, Rose 1.09%. The cities traded 181.9 billion yuan yesterday, shrinking nearly 20% compared to the previous session.  The Big wisdom Financial terminal shows that the total purchase order in Shanghai is always higher than the total sales orders after 10:15. On the other hand, the "Panorama Securities analyst" System of monitoring data shows that yesterday, the total net inflow of funds 185 million yuan, including the net inflow of institutional funds 1.827 billion yuan, retail funds net outflow of 1.642 billion yuan.  Industry, the two cities in 77 industries, a total of 22 sectors of net inflow of funds, 70% of the industry was net sold. 964 million into the color of the early disc of the two cities, but the afternoon with the rally turned red, a stock is also active, and finally 40% or so stocks closed up, trading more than 20.  Power equipment, financial sector, real estate sector, non-ferrous metals plate, such as the four major weight plate in the afternoon, to stimulate the market long confidence.  "Petrochemical double-hung" afternoon to become the main force, China's oil plate rose once reached 3%, directly push up the Shanghai index turned red, Sinopec (600028) closed up 0.59%. According to Bloomberg News, by the close yesterday, China's oil capital than Exxon Mobil, once again become the world's most valuable listed companies.  China's oil shares have risen 30% per cent this year, worth $336.4 billion trillion, above Exxon Mobil's May 22 close of $335.9 billion (editor's note: U.S. Zhou Iihu). "If you choose energy stocks, you will buy Chinese oil giants," said Gordon Kwan, energy industry expert at Future Asset Securities in Hong Kong, Mr Kwan. "China's fuel demand is growing, while demand in North America and Europe is falling." ” The non-ferrous metal plate rose sharply in the afternoon, Tibet Mining (000762) trading, Xiamen Tungsten Industry (600549) rose more than 9%, Tongling nonferrous (000630), Jiangxi Copper (600362), Yunnan Copper (000878), etc. also rose in front. Capital flow, non-ferrous metal processing plate by 964 million yuan chasing, high net inflow ranked top. The resumption of the benefit IPO boosted the net inflow of the securities and futures sector to 822 million yuan.  Electrical machinery and equipment, real estate development and operation of the plate net inflow amount of more than 400 million yuan. The IPO will restart the news impact, brokerage stocks all day rally, the plate overall rose more than 5%, far away to win the market.  Stocks, the Pacific (601099) Intraday trading, Haitong Securities (600837) rose more than 6%, the Yangtze River Securities (000783), National Yuan Securities (000728), Southwest Securities (600369), the National Gold Securities (600109) rose more than 4%. Real estate stocks yesterday to go high, especially the first-line real estate stocks performance eye-catching, as of the close, Cofco Real Estate (000031), Sunshine Development (000671) trading, Vanke A (000002), the Gold Group (600383) rose more than 3%.  China Merchants Real Estate (000024), Poly Real Estate (600048), Chinese enterprises (600675) rose more than 1%, real estate stocks strong exponentially performance stronger than the Shanghai Composite Index.  In addition, yesterday ushered in the full circulation of the big test in Guizhou Maotai (600519) trend is also more stable, and finally Guizhou Maotai closed 113.36 yuan, down 0.93%. Future judgment differences began to increase in Friday, the SFC announced the "further reform and improve the issue of new shares of the guidance of the System (draft)", on June 5 after the end of the consultation, the IPO will be open at any time.  However, yesterday's a-share trend unexpectedly, showing low open high trend. In the face of a a-share strong performance, the market divergence began to increase.  Some analysts believe that the IPO restart needs a better atmosphere, there will still be opportunities, but also some analysts believe that the rebound is near the end. "The recent correction has already digested the negative impact of the IPO opening," he said. "Citic Investment analyst Chen Xiangsheng that in the short term a-share market trend may become more volatile."  But he also said the A-share will resume gains after the consolidation.  Huatai Securities analyst Guo Xiang also pointed out that yesterday, the two cities rose lower than about 3:4, turnover is still a shrinking trend, so the trend shows that the market digest of the IPO news is stronger than expected. Guo Xiang that the recent stock index at the high level has been a more obvious deviation of technical indicators, the resumption of the IPO news also further exacerbated the market for the stock index adjustment concerns.  But through an analysis of management's attitude, it can be found that the IPO is also a prerequisite for the restart, that is, the market valuation level is reasonable, and whether the market fluctuations within the appropriate range. "From the perspective of management,Also do not want the market to plunge, if the decline is too large, IPO restart will not be talked about, so we think the stock index of the fall space is also more limited, near 2,500 points will have strong support.  "Guo Xiang said. Wanguo analyst Qian Qimin is more cautious.  He believes that although the Monday market stabilisation rally, but the volume did not effectively enlarge the market is cautious oversold rebound. "At present, the composite head has been built, seize the pounds away from the regular" Qian Qimin said, because the technical indicators weaken, rally basically in place, once the stock index again downward, killing and falling power will be significantly enhanced.
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