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This period of time there are many sites by K, of course, I was also one of the victims, but I believe that Baidu is friendly, the site was K, there must be a reason, in order to prevent the site is K, should pay attention to what?

1. Keyword and background the same color to hide: The text output in favor of SEO key words, that is, consciously "scam" search engine. Once this covert operation is invented, your site is in danger.

2. Do not excessive link operation, site dead chain not too much. If your site content is very small, there are more than n dead chain, access speed can not be opened for half a day. So you go to the SE to submit, that is not to death? Is this a little more important than se? If you give se the first impression is not good, then let alone the fast ranking.

3. Be careful not to have too many keywords, and too many stacks: it is a reasonable and appropriate link operation. If a small number of sets of the same key words, will be identified as a spam site

4. Do not and content collection station and Spam station do friendship link, link this kind of cheating station will inevitably to own the website to cause the influence, with the IP website cheat, other station will be punished, let alone the friendship link.

5. Avoid the creation of a large number of no real content blog, personal pages, Production link factory, although to some extent, can improve the rankings, but also to the search engine to delete the site is also very high.

6. Remember not to buy black links, this link is hackers attack other sites, forcibly added to the link. Although at a certain stage can enhance the weight, but once found or deleted, then your site will be subject to a certain penalty.

7. Often check whether the site has been hacked to add a black chain, if you please delete as soon as possible.

8. Every day to develop a good habit of checking links, found that the site was K, in time to eliminate the site's links.

These are my personal experience, if reproduced please indicate the source Thank you!

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