"Prism Gate" provides a model for people to reflect on personal privacy and public security in large data age

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Absrtact: As US CIA former employee supercharged the American Prism program, global public opinion, whether Snowden is a traitor or if the U.S. government is unconstitutional, is in full swing. Prism door for people to reflect the great data age of personal privacy

Discussions are in full swing as U.S. CIA former employees supercharged the American Prism program, global public opinion, whether Snowden is a traitor or if the U.S. government is unconstitutional. "Prism Gate" provides a model for people to reflect on the privacy and public security in the large data age, and the plot of Snowden absconding, extradition and political asylum has increased dramatically, but it has not been a reflection of the core of the problem.

After a period of debate, Snowden has been seriously "Facebook", the one side that he is the defender of public privacy, is the guardian of freedom, one side that he is a traitor, is a double agent, should be extradited to return to trial. When more facts are disclosed, who is the hero, who is the criminal, will slowly surface.

Snowden believes the NSA has been collecting information about the public's e-mails and social networks as a criminal offense. The United States Constitution Amendment fourth stipulates: "The people's personal, residential, documents and property without unreasonable search and seizure rights, shall not be violated." No search and seizure shall be issued except on the basis of probable grounds, by oath or by oath, and by a detailed description of the place of search and the person or thing seized. "are e-mails and phone records not counted as citizens ' documents"? Without the authorization of the Court, the interception, collection of information on the citizens, the right to privacy has been violated?

American officials have argued that they do not collect the content of their citizens ' conversations, but only that they have a record of their conversations and what time they are talking to, and that they are not citizens ' privacy. However, with the advent of the large data age, the meaning of privacy has also changed, the so-called privacy is the personal secrets of citizens, including their own behavior, habits, mental state and so on. However, the development of information technology has made the information of the past seemingly useless become the core information resources. For example, if you can track a person's mobile phone in real time, you will know his riding habits, consumption habits and so on, this is not a private? Tracking call records can also present a person's social network, and social networking platform is a person's psychological activities of the panorama of the show, through the analysis of these massive information, Civic privacy is "transparent". In the era of large data, the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States also needs to be interpreted and interpreted with the times, which is the new mission of Supreme Court justices.

In addition to the U.S. National Security Agency, as well as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Apple and other companies giants, these companies are telecommunications equipment, telecommunications operators or internet companies, they are "tun" information about citizens, but also from the large data analysis to gain benefits. The emergence of an "intelligence complex" between the government and the information giant has created a threat to civil liberties, just as the "military complex" that the 1950 Eisenhower reminded Americans to pay attention to.

The "Prism" program, which began in 2007 to monitor terrorist activity, has created a huge power in the US security service, and the prism is just one of many monitoring projects, which have been disclosed before, but have not aroused widespread concern. Is it treason to make public the secret of the government's infringement of civil liberties? Is there a paradox between individual freedom and patriotism? In 1971, Pentagon analyst Ellsberg leaked secret documents to the media, and the New York Times and the Washington Post were accused of going to court. The Supreme Court declared the government's defeat on the grounds of defending the freedom of expression set forth in article I of the United States Constitution amendment.

The Constitution defends individual freedom and restricts government abuse, while patriotism is an expression of group emotion that transcends individual freedom, often luring citizens above freedom and rights. German scholar Miller advocated the idea of "constitutionalism patriotism", and incorporated political loyalty into the norms, values and procedures of a liberal democratic constitution. The Constitution of the United States, framed by the Constitution of the government's behavior, if the government has violated the privacy of citizens, but also hindered the Snowden of freedom of speech, then the government and corporate giants need to regulate their behavior, but not under the banner of "patriotism" to play "Big Brother" role. Technology is changing rapidly, and the code of Conduct for business and government needs to be "upgraded" at any time, and the constitution was enacted more than 200 years ago, and the framers could not have imagined that the government could monitor it by such means.

Snowden's leaks have made people see the real relationship between citizenship and government in the big data age, in the 17th century, when philosophers such as Locke worked to explain how to build a nation based on civil liberties, it now seems time to enact a new civil and government Basic Law, severing the government's huge hand in information technology to citizens ' privacy.

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