Private equity's surge in the first quarter is now worth 4,000 points.

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Trainee reporter Zhangning According to the Securities Times data Center statistics, the first quarter of a total of 33 sunshine private Trust products ranked 60 listed companies in the top ten circulating shareholder list.  One of the more part of the sun in March to set up the private sector in a few days on the massive positions, and once again verified the relatively fast and flexible private placement of the response mechanism.  A quarterly listing of listed companies, the "Foreign Trade Trust" issued by the Foreign Trade Trust, "Hui Fu No. 3rd (SHENGDA) Structured Securities Investment Collection Fund Trust plan", the Soviet Union is a (000570) and Chinese and Western medicine (600842) Two listed companies in the top ten circulating shareholder list. According to the reporter understand, "Hui Fu No. 3rd" is March 26, 2009 only announced the establishment, the trust plan signed the contract 11, raises the capital 73.41 million yuan. On the date of the establishment of "Hui Fu No. 3rd", there are only 4 trading days from the end of the first quarter; with the average price of the two stocks in the last 4 trading days of the first quarter, the market value of the shares was 14.44 million yuan and 11.76 million yuan respectively, which meant that only 4 of the shares in the two-day period, "Hui Fu 3rd"  At least 35% of the fund-raising. Founded on March 18, "China Rong Ying Jie jiutouniao 2 Securities Investment Collection Fund Trust scheme", the end of the first quarter, respectively, held St Tatsu (600734) and Dickon Pharmaceutical (600466) 754,800 and 1.323 million shares, ranked listed companies fourth and eighth large circulation shareholders.  At the end of March, the stock market value reached 2.42 million yuan and 9.12 million yuan respectively. With this aggressive style, sunshine private equity in this round of rebound in the market benefited quite a lot. Taking the two private placements as an example, according to the Foreign Trade trust manager Tan Cheng, "Hui Fu 3rd" after the establishment of 1 months, its latest net worth Rose has reached 18%. The "Sino-Rong Jiutouniao 2 Securities Investment Collection Fund Trust scheme" on April 10 net worth of 1.0676 yuan, within 17 trading days, the increase also reached 6.7%.  According to Tan Cheng, this is not the new sun set this year the best performance level of private placement. Since the stock market rebound, sunshine Private placement in general outstanding performance. According to Zhongzheng, an analyst at the Fund Research Center, the overall net worth of private equity is now equivalent to about 4,000 points in the Shanghai Composite Index.  If only the top 10 of private-equity funds compared with the top 10 of public offering fund, private equity funds in the public offering fund in the near June or nearly December performance, are in the formation of a comprehensive trend of transcendence. Good buys the net to provide the data shows, in the past year, the average fund performance has won the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index 31.31%, runs wins the public to raise fund 19.04%. This outstanding performance also makes the private placement receives the market the great attention, according to the Good buys the fund research center's incomplete statistics, at present the market's total number of private-equity products has exceeded 200 (including newly issued), but the total scale is the first breakthrough 20 billion yuan.
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