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Qingdao SEO is engaged in website operation and SEO optimization also has more than two years, handling the optimization of the site also has a lot of, including some enterprises station. It should be said that the optimization of the enterprise station is relatively simple, it is easy to get a good ranking, and even do not need to be deliberately to optimize the site can also be ranked, but many small and medium-sized enterprises or their own site feel that no way, a long time to see the site rankings, the main reason or lack of some of the most basic SEO knowledge, Today, with some novice or the friends of the enterprise station to talk about the optimization of enterprise station, talk about my experience of most enterprises in the optimization process of some common problems and solutions.

1, do not understand the site's title, description of the settings. This is a lot of business stations are often made a mistake. The title of a website is set correctly or not directly affect the ranking of the website. such as the Enterprise station is the production of plexiglass, enterprise name is "Changchun Sanjiang Plastic Co., Ltd.", the title of this site is "Changchun Sanjiang Plastic Co., Ltd. welcome you." You see, what's the meaning of such a website title? There is no need for us to optimize can be ranked first, but such a site who will search? Who can search? Therefore, the correct way to write should be: plexiglass processing-Changchun Sanjiang Plastic Co., Ltd., the general writing is correct, of course, you can think about how to write. As for why do not say more.

2, the site for the sake of elegant, flooded with a large number of pictures, Flash, JS code. The appearance of the enterprise station to the user's feeling very beautiful, but this is the search engine does not want to see, because the search engine currently on the code is far less sensitive to the text, so, should consider both the user and consider the search engine, the site as little as possible to use this type of code, more text

3, the website keyword density is serious insufficient or the layout is unreasonable. Keyword density should be in the category of navigation or H3 and other important tags reflected, in particular, the first page of the keyword density on the site ranking has a very important role, I have optimized a home economics company's website, took this station, the home page obvious keyword density is too low, the classification navigation does not involve the key words, So I first added the relevant keywords, and soon saw the effect.

4, the Website All section page, the content page all is the unification title or the description, or does not have the description. This is also a lot of enterprise station A said big not small problem, may be the beginning of the station, technical personnel opportunistic, afraid of trouble, so did not give the column page and content page to write title and description, many enterprises do not understand the station so was muddle through. Unified title and description, the end result is that the site in addition to the home page included in other pages may not be included or not fully included, so be sure to correct this problem.

5, the website update is not timely, irregular. This is a criticism of most SME websites. Because many enterprises now have no independent site management personnel, so the site update is not regular, a few months, or even not updated for half a year. Some think that no content can be updated, some do not develop the habit of updating. If there is no new content site rankings are difficult to ensure that, although the company's website update than the personal site to ensure timely updates on a daily basis, but at least to ensure that every week to update it, so, to ensure regular updates on the site content.

6, enterprise stations should also often do outside the chain. Although Enterprise station optimization is not difficult, however, the impact of the site ranked outside the chain is a very important factor, so often go to a number of classified information sites (58, fairs, etc.) to do the chain ranking or very easy to come up, the specific to do how much to see your site in this industry whether there is competition.

OK, the above is a few corporate websites often make mistakes, SEO work on the friends are too simple, but the SEO do not know that people are big problems, these are the simplest elements directly related to the ranking of the site, of course, in-depth said there are many problems, but for an SME site, Just pay attention to these problems site rankings can be done basically. Original source of Qingdao SEO blog, reproduced please indicate the source of the author, thank you.

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