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As a seoer, can not avoid is likely in the early work will be frequent job-hopping, because many sites for a mature SEO ranking up after, the rest of the work is constantly adjust the continuous inspection, maintenance and not too much technical content (I mean some conventional optimization company, less resources of the company ), so in order to seek more learning opportunities, technical ability to improve, will find a more suitable for their professional development of the company to polish their own, or because they can not get more pay treatment and choose to change jobs, in short SEO this industry job-hopping rate is very high, A lot of enterprises in the choice of time to choose a person to investigate a SEO time in three months or so, if three months of time to let the work tend to the direction of development, then three months is also Baidu once in a small update after the big promotion of a time, So in this period of time can see a SEO technical ability and work ability!!

Say these are a definition of the nature of SEO work, because the choice of SEO should accept his every change, mentality is very important, because I very do not like job-hopping, because of personality reasons I like to have a stable job, only reluctantly choose the SEO industry will have to constantly adjust their mentality, to adapt to this industry , then in the process of job-hopping encountered a lot of problems, because I give the handover of the problem, but also I handover the work of others, two-way handover let me experience if you as an SEO technical director, How should the handover to the site's impact to the minimum to make corresponding countermeasures!

First of all, I think a company management staff in the resignation of employees, first of all should ensure that the staff can have a period of time to leave, and can find the replacement of the SEO staff, because this can be prepared, many people to leave, so the impact on the site optimization is very large, To know that no one tube of the site rankings will drop a lot, in today's era of universal SEO, competitors so many, one day not to operate the site, like rowing against the tide! So to avoid this situation will have to find a replacement seoer can be square.

Second, is to have a successor in advance. There should be at least a day to two days before he and his predecessor, Seoer, are able to have a two-day exposure to the status of the former Seoer, working in the same way as a visitor, and if the experienced seoer will soon be able to adapt to the former seoer mode Because the site if different people to operate the words will have different effects, take the chain to say, if the former seoer has been doing outside the chain of the Forum and the new people come up to do only blog and do not do the forum, or update the content of the frequency of different, will have an impact on the site! The handover is to avoid this effect to a minimum!


1: Let the former seoer write the document; The contents of the document include the background username password for each Web site! There are also in the work of what aspects of the work, the previous operating procedures, the ranking of the site! You have to organize such a document!

2: For the successor Seoer should be in office a period of time before the previous seoer to continue the operation method, of course, many SEO very arrogant for their own technology is very confident, and should also be ranked good stations to continue before the operation process, With the continuous in-depth understanding of the site in accordance with the changes in Baidu to make corresponding adjustments.

3: Good to gather well scattered, whether the successor or the separation are seoer made the choice, since the choice should be done well, the end is the seoer of professional ethics standards, in short, the resignation of the spirit of responsibility to the work of the attitude should stand a good last shift!

Said so much, in fact, I do not want to write, if possible I still will not choose a job-hopping!!!!!

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