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I am a new product, but also a magic lover.

There was a chance to share the subject with some product managers at a sharing meeting, but because it was not ready enough to be clear enough, I wanted to sort it out again and write this essay.

Magician, product manager, seemingly unrelated to the two groups of people, how do they relate to each other? Product Manager, to explore the needs of users, and designers to design products, and then to the developer to implement the details of the function, the final release of products to users. This is the main work of the product manager. What does a magician do, perform magic? Yes, yes, but it's the first trick before performing a magic trick. A magic is actually a product, it does not exist out of thin air.

How did a magic actually come into being or created? The table is invented because people want to find a place to put things, cars are created because people want "a faster horse", and any product is born because people have this demand, magic is the same. People feel like something just disappears. It's amazing that things disappear in the hands of a magician. People think that something is amazing, that the magic of changing flowers to pigeons is invented; people think it's amazing to see what others think, so psychic magic like telepathy is invented ... A good magician is like a good product manager, he is often not satisfied with the magic effect now, he will want to create more and better magic.

When a magician is no longer satisfied with the existing magic effect, he will think: what kind of magic will make the audience feel magic? Maybe the audience thought it would be amazing to have a 10 dollar turn into 100 bucks? When the magician discovers this need, he needs to verify his ideas. How can I achieve this effect by changing 10 sheets or by some means to change the face value? Then you need to design some kind of gimmick or what the audience thinks of "props" (or really changed!). )。 The Magic Circle has a special kind of crowd (these people may also be the magician himself), called props Designer, can design a lot of amazing props or magic effects, they are similar to the "Designer + programmer" this role. After everything is realized, this "product" can be pushed out, that is, with your user-audience performance.

Magician invented a magic, let us feel surprised and magical, product manager to create a product, so that our life more convenient and beautiful. Magician and Product Manager, are the world's magic and great creatures.

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