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I do not know since when, marketing circles began to have such a argument: Fans have the world. Therefore, whether party a demand, or party B strategy, all want to achieve a goal: cultivate a group of fans loyal to them.

A very obvious benchmark-millet. Its official data show that 3721.html ">2014 Rice Festival, in the last 12 hours of activities, the Millet official website to accept 2.26 million orders, sold 1.3 million mobile phones, sales of more than 1.5 billion yuan, accessories sales of more than 100 million yuan, the day shipping orders 200,000 single, A total of 15 million people participate in rice festival activities.

Admittedly, only this data, you have to admit, a hardware manufacturer, 4 years, because of "fan marketing", creating a myth of the market value of tens of billions.

This is a benchmarking effect. Now whether the hardware manufacturers, or software vendors, want to replicate the millet "fan marketing" road. Unfortunately, however, there are few winners.

L classmate is a classmate of my university, in an intelligent hardware start-up company responsible for the market. When he first started his business, he was full of confidence. He said that millet can be blown up in the air of the intelligent machine, we can also blow up in a wearable outlet.

The first step in the marketing of millet vermicelli is to cultivate 100 super fans. L students to learn the Li Vanchang, the World Bubble Forum, to find senior users, several people registered hundreds of accounts, every day in some well-known intelligent hardware forum irrigation, the advertisement, after the number to continue to irrigation. Since their wearable devices are newer, thousands of novice users have been pulled in one months. Then, through a step-by-step screening, screening out 1000 users of the more approved products, set up a two-level group. Then, through testing and sample screening, they selected 100 loyal users, set up a class group. These 100 people, is the L classmate said "Super user", that is, fans.

In fact, I was shocked when I saw my classmate come to this step, because I could not think of the road that Li Vanchang said was real and replicable.

Later, L students began to organize the 100 fans online party, online discussion, participate in product design, research and development, feedback and so on. And L students began to guide these people to his products spread out, the formation of word-of-mouth radiation.

But, come to this step, l classmate unexpected problem comes. These 100 "super users" do have a great fondness for products and loyalty, but also willing to introduce to friends around. However, when the product reached the level two radiation circle, it's acceptance and love is not very ideal, to the three level, four radiation circle, his product reputation has been very weak. Obviously, its word-of-mouth effect is diminishing, rather than doubling in geometry like MIUI.

Last week, my classmate asked me to discuss this problem. I asked him directly, have you ever thought that "fan marketing" itself is a false proposition, millet success depends not on fans?

Millet from the mobile phone to the box, and then to the router, do are the necessities of life, but also cost-effective. Therefore, when the user contact with millet, they first think that millet is a good commodity. Their word of mouth is "I found a good mobile phone called millet, use it well", rather than "I love millet mobile phone, I am its fans." Obviously, the former is the truth of Millet Word-of-mouth, the latter is only the results of the marketing home.

If not, millet mobile phone can be mentioned in the price of 4,000 or 5,000, at this time, millet will have such a "Word-of-mouth" and crazy "enthusiasts"?

L The reason that students fail is also here. What he does is wearable equipment, a smart hand ring. Such a product market is not mature, and not as mobile phones, boxes, routers are accepted by the public. In this way, he first lost the premise of Word-of-mouth communication-the market. Moreover, as a bracelet, it is worth nearly thousand yuan, nor is it as cost-effective as millet. From the product perspective, Word-of-mouth transmission is doomed to not form a chain reaction. Therefore, if from the fan point of view, can really like the legend of the development of "fans" to get the market, now L students will not have the above confusion.

It is true that brands belong to consumers at all times and in any industry. As a brand owner, you have to think not above the consumer, but with the consumer. With products and prices, services to obtain the recognition of consumers, and with the formation of a consistent culture, values, so that the formation of a circle-layer effect, radiation to more consumers.

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