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The last time and everyone to share the "local portal operation experience and profit mode sharing" today where all come to tell you how I have been online with the combination of profit.

In recent years the vertical web site more and more by the owners of the favor, like now more popular local class portal network is also so, but for the grassroots webmaster, because of popularity, material resources, limited funds, want to achieve profitability or a little difficult, I believe that many sites, although there is a very high popularity, but has been unable to profit, A website that has been unable to profit is difficult to survive in this day and age, how to make their website quick profit? has always been every webmaster want to break through the biggest difficulties, want to be in the local portal net profit of a few friends. So what is the profit model for the local portal network?

First of all, my site opened a classified information, talent recruitment, real estate, group purchase activities, with the City network shopping, Word-of-mouth merchants, corporate yellow Pages, promotional and forum 9 channels. In the initial development of the site does not suggest that we find ways to make money, and even to cheat merchants, this is not a long-term solution. For the site, popularity is the most important, some people make money on the simple, the initial good site content construction and promotion. Next I will take the author personally operated Wuxi 369 information Network profit model to give an example, hope can help those who will be planning to go into the local station this industry and already in the local portal industry webmaster share some experience.

First-line profit model

<1> Sales site Advertising bit: This everyone is more clear, the site's advertising is the most common and most important profit, but the best of these ads are related to the column, you can sell some real estate and living goods advertising, how many price, to negotiate with merchants, to achieve mutual benefit. And no matter how many ads to do to meet the user's experience, so that users can easily find the information needed.

<2> Group buying activities: Although most of the group buying network is facing the phenomenon of bankruptcy, but if the group buying activities combined into our portal will often have unexpected effect, you can through the local network loyal to many users to buy the goods you launched the merchant, so you can be a good income.

<3> Real Estate channel: On the one hand, can provide users with the latest local prices and rental housing and other information, after the popularity can be through intermediary companies or brokers settled to earn a certain income.

<4> part of the channel crown: when our local portal has a popular, brand development to a certain time, can be based on a certain need to start a number of channels to rent, so not only can enrich the content of the site, the accumulation of popularity, but also for us to bring a certain amount of income.

<5> classified information: To earn this money, we must spend a certain amount of effort to promote, the site traffic is high visibility, there will be a lot of people to our platform to release information, we can pay the top, so that the user's information more prominent, of course, we have to guarantee the effect of payment.

<5> Enterprise Yellow Pages: Because most small enterprises do not have a company website, all we can through the promotion to let the enterprise free to our website to build the company website, if the merchant needs the special service may through opens the VIP. Do the local yellow pages, and local businesses can be mutually beneficial, for the yellow pages of the major search engines are more favored will be actively included, will greatly improve the site exposure rate.

Profit model under the second line

<1> Use of registration information: When the site has a certain popularity, with the increase in registered members, the site has a large number of member information, in important festivals, especially the young people prefer Valentine's Day, Christmas or some stores open, We can use mobile phone mass or QQ mail means to send users, and then charge business fees.

<2> Party: In fact, this can not only increase our income and enable users to know each other more, we can hold several parties every month, such as singing, gourmet search, barbecue and so on. User AA system, generally 100 people per party around us in the merchant that make a certain cost.

<3> Franchise Discount Card: With a certain business, we can jointly launch a consumer discount card, so that local people with discount cards can be in the franchisee to enjoy certain concessions, cards can be sold to local residents. At the same time can also charge a merchant to join the fee, but here to pay attention must be careful to examine the integrity of the business.

Want to rely on the site to profit, not only need to understand technology, but also need to get the market! A local portal to make a lot of money, the way to profit far more than I said these, here just for everyone, in fact, the most basic website or promotional, if not popular, everything is air. All want to make money must have to pay, a pay, a return, pay more, the greater the return of this article from the Wuxi 369 Information Network in A5 first reprint reserve copyright information, thank you

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