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Site after the revision of the home page snapshot has stayed two weeks ago, as a result of the previous experience to do more outside the chain, but did a lot of effect but not how, until a few days before the discovery of many forums signed not to be included in the chain, do not know because of the forum account reason or Baidu included reasons, Anyway feel like doing outside the chain on my site is not very effective. After a simple analysis of the outer chain composition, can be concluded that the growth of the chain is mainly by the soft text, the forum signed almost no, there is the chain through the query to bring these conclusions, according to those recognized outside the chain to continue to do outside the chain, today finally let home snapshots appear within one weeks.

Have to say, careful observation of the search engine temper is very important, each site's external chain components have their own characteristics, May and the site to build the station time, the chain how many and so on, so do outside the chain can not all follow the experience of others to do, to see their site is recognized outside the chain to do, so as to increase the speed of the chain will be faster.

After this small matter, I thought to promote the site to use three hearts: careful, patient, ordinary heart.

The first is careful, now Baidu's algorithm is very easy to change, if just according to the previous people made out of the tutorial to promote the site, it will likely be difficult to achieve results. Like a lot of people used to post to quickly increase the chain, now Baidu query outside the chain will appear similar results, I probably looked, the same forum included in the chain only once, the other seems to be similar results, may be the case of each site is not the same, but in general the weight of similar results may be reduced, This forces us to increase the breadth of the chain, not just the forum signature. If you are not careful to find these details of the changes, then continue to do the external chain effect may not be very good.

Besides carefulness, patience is also necessary. Promotion of the site is not a day or two days can be completed, which often takes a long time to have effect, in general, a month or two to allow the site to obtain a relatively stable ranking and natural flow. If your site is not prepared to reap the benefits of a short-term windfall, then a slow burn is necessary. Website promotion said simple also not simple, should consider the website outside the chain comprehensively, the construction of the chain, a little attention may annoy the search engine, said difficult is not difficult, every day almost repeated the same thing, send a post, find links, leave a message, write soft text, write a tutorial, is roughly this kind of thing. Therefore, to achieve sustainable development of the site, patience is essential, if not patiently adhere to the promotion, halfway will only let you accomplish nothing.

In addition, do the site should have a normal heart. What is the normal mind? Now the Internet is true and false news a lot, how not to let themselves be these messages Bewitched is every webmaster should learn. Like the internet has a monthly brush IP message, you can easily let your site visit a large increase, a small number of lonely webmaster will go to try, although I do not know what will happen later, but such a visit to the amount of consolation but also can do? may also affect the ranking of search engines. Except brush flow, there are brush Alexa rankings, brush Baidu search related words, brush the site outside the chain, brush ads Click, anyway, is to promote the site every step can be done by cheating means to get faster and better rankings, to obtain faster and more income, if not a very good evaluation of the ordinary heart, will therefore embark on the road of cheating? Will this degenerate into only scold the search engine paranoid webmaster?

No matter when, it is necessary to maintain a peaceful heart to face the surroundings. No one is more sincere than themselves, so at any time should believe their ability and strength, I believe that their site can have a good future, have a good foundation of the heart and then adhere to do, cloud broken Sunrise site the day will come.

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