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This week, the H3C company headquarters in the city-the beautiful Hangzhou West Lake side Shangri-La Hotel as the first stop, the annual H3C new product new technology tour officially opened the curtain. The theme of the tour is "Wisdom collar cloud, create the future", will focus on showcasing H3C in the recent achievements of the innovative technology, as well as the advantages of products and solutions.

H3C Solutions Minister Kangliang in the new product new technology tour Hangzhou station speech

Cloud computing has become the current global it construction trend and and the various IT vendors focus on the field of investment, H3C is no exception. Let's take a look at H3C's explanation of their cloud strategy and then make a simple comment.

H3C's Open Cloud strategy

Focus on the network: H3C since its inception has been focused on the field of network technology, after 8 years of continuous research and development, the cumulative investment of more than 6.5 billion yuan, the product model from dozens of to the current 360 balance, the invention of patent authorization from the sixth in 2010 to the 2011 fifth, The number of patents per capita is the first. Four-frame IRF2 virtualization technology is the world's leading, the cumulative nearly 400 million yuan investment so that H3C has the industry's most advanced first-party reliability laboratory and the largest domestic network testing center.

Promotion Standard: The network is the connection cloud computing various resources and the terminal important pipeline, the network standardization degree will directly affect the cloud computing interoperability and the manufacturer compatibility. H3C Network Solutions and products have been adhering to the "standardized" route to ensure good third-party vendor compatibility. At the same time, H3C has been working to promote the standardization of the Cloud Computing network technology, the 802.1QBG VEPA proposal submitted to the IEEE International Organization for Standardization, has now progressed to the Draft2.1 version, has become the only international standard to solve the virtual machine access network. H3C, a telecoms operator in China, is actively cooperating with China Telecom, Chinese Mobile and unicom in developing industry standards related to cloud computing networks.

Open cooperation: On the construction of Cloud computing operation Platform (Cloud OS), H3C adheres to open Network Service architecture, provides unified management and scheduling platform for all network devices and unified virtual Exchange platform, and provides the calling interface of cloud business to partners to make up for the current vendors Cloud OS lack of network resource scheduling and management, to provide users with a sound operating platform. In the cloud computing integration solution, H3C is also willing to work with major cloud solution integrators to provide users with a full range of cloud computing solutions to achieve the unified delivery of the project.

H3C builds an open cloud for customers based on the above open cloud strategy, as shown in the following illustration, which includes:

Solution level: Cooperate with partners to deliver the overall solution;

Platform level: Open Software interface, open Network Service architecture, realize network as service

Product level: cloud-oriented hardware open application architecture

Infrastructure Consolidation Layer: Virtual Switch vswitch based on open source platform, computing, storage Unified Exchange architecture.

On the growth and development of H3C and 802.1QBG Vepa proposal, I will write a separate article. Next, we'll talk about the "open Cloud Strategy" in the above picture:

The first is the level of infrastructure consolidation. The open virtual machine switching platform should refer to virtual switches in VMware, Citrix (Jie) and KVM (kernel virtualization, including Redhat) server virtualization management programs that interact with H3C virtual switches or physical switches through VEPA standard interfaces. The computing, storage Unified Exchange architecture is the server and disk array connected through the H3C Ethernet switch, H3C does not provide a Fibre Channel (FC) switch dedicated to the storage network, but there are already products that support the FCOE (Ethernet Fibre Channel) Fusion network.

This part of the hardware, H3C lists Hewlett-Packard, the wave and the Zhongke Dawn (the English logo was replaced last year by dawning as Sugon) as a representative. The former is the parent company of H3C, because of the original acquisition of 3Com, and the H3C, which maintains its independent operation, is part of the HP network product line, especially in overseas markets. And the other two domestic server manufacturers common features are not like some of the integrated manufacturers have their own or OEM network products.

Cloud operating platform level is basically software. HP in this part of the original strength is not weak, in the cloud era and acquired the autonomy natural strength increased. Of course, there are a number of users with some technical strength and open source platforms like Hadoop and OpenStack.

At the top of the solution level, including integrators like Cloud Technology (SkyCloud), China Telecom, Chengdu Cloud Computing Center and other service providers, plus the user's own application. Of course, do not rule out the need to reach a certain scale and strong users, do their own development, integration or the IDC operation and so on.

We believe that the most critical point for H3C is the IMC Data Center management solution. Based on the management of network products, it takes into account the management of the underlying infrastructure, integrates virtual machines, Virtual Switch management, and provides a unified interface to the upper cloud operating platform.

As described above: "On the building of the cloud computing operations Platform (Cloud OS), H3C adheres to an open Network service architecture, provides a unified management scheduling platform for all network devices, and provides the interface for cloud business to partners ... In the construction of cloud computing projects, H3C is also willing to work with major mainstream program integrators to provide users with a full range of cloud computing solutions to achieve the unified delivery of the project. ”

It can be said that focus on the network to provide the leading cloud-ready network solutions, while standardizing and open to promote the network with the virtualization layer, cloud Operations platform layer Unified integration, enabling users to meet the needs of the cloud solution, which is their "open cloud strategy" why?

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