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Local etiquette wedding is not very high search rate, this kind of word relative to the popular optimization word is very simple, I did a Baoji wedding net last month, just one months of time from no rankings up to the second place, I would like to talk about the etiquette wedding site optimization of some views.

Wedding ceremony as a website, the Internet is only one of our propaganda platform, through the Internet platform to promote faster to let the local people understand the value of the wedding company, especially in recent years the Local + industry model more and more users ' attention, etiquette wedding site can also provide a real-life company some profit, So this kind of website also has the operation to be born. I was a June 12 by a etiquette company, please go to do the publicity of the Internet, now two months elapsed, I set up for them the Baoji Marriage network has been ranked in the second Baidu search engine, I would like to share some of my optimization methods.

1, the local industry site should be the most important to the title and keywords, so I was ranked in front of Baidu in the first several Baoji wedding site title came to my own website title, I would like to talk about how I analyzed.


You can see some of the titles of these sites, my site is the second, first of all my baoji this word is a local word, will definitely add in front of the title, and marriage nets, wedding ceremonies, wedding companies These keywords are all through the 1th, 2, 4 of the combination of Web sites produced, but we should pay attention to a point, although it is a combination, But I use the title connection method and the words are all different, and the first word Baoji marriage car rental is based on the reality of our company to come, I think a good site should have a good beginning of the title, this title can be conducive to optimization, but also conducive to user search.

2, the wedding site should be more updated with local-related content, I do this site content one did not rely on Baidu search, two did not rely on copying and pasting, my site is all the content of their own boring time to write, I am thinking about a problem every day, since I am the company's network propaganda people, then I have to improve their writing, So every day when nothing happens I write some wedding articles about the company, every day 4, 5, so adhere to the three-day site was Baidu search, and this habit has been used until now I am still in use, a few articles a day regularly updated, sometimes when the holidays or busy work time I will pause, But I'll write whenever I have time, to now I think the site has such a good ranking may also have a great relationship with my article, because I see other wedding sites, is basically a few weeks to update an article, I think such a site simply can not compete with me.

3, the construction of a stable outside the chain, I went to college when the operation of the site, at that time I mastered some of the construction of the chain of methods, and in this wedding site I still take the blog outside the chain of methods, I will be the previous Baidu space, Sina blog to use up, in the internet to find some wedding knowledge, And then make some changes to the article published to Baidu and Sina to go, can say that the effect is very good, every article will be included, 1 months after I this site's outside the chain reached more than 100, oh, so far my site outside the chain or 200, every day is increased by two to 3, Although not much, but wins in stability.

4, have nothing to do their own search in the Internet and then open the Web site, whenever I want to understand their site, I will search in Baidu in Baoji marriage nets this word, search out the results then I will go to find my site, found and opened, now I have developed such a habit, not through the favorites to open the site, Through the keyword to open the site, this method I still learn from others, a brother said this method can help the site to improve the click Rate, increase the site's exposure, so I insisted on using.

Site operation to now, I think to improve the rankings need to start from the above four aspects, the following I do some wedding site webmaster friends to make some small suggestions:

1, the content of the article must be related to the wedding site, now a lot of wedding net article content are unrestrained, can not understand.

2, the website should have the festive, do not get a lifeless website, that is unfavorable to the user next experience.

3, to be willing to play advertising, so that users unconsciously remember this site, now young people are like to surf the internet, do not play advertising to do?

OK, the article is written here, we also please remember my website ha (7788 film network, please support Kazakhstan, thank you.

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