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A5 on the release of the second talk is QQ Group 5 ways to promote, this is a simple method, today we come to talk about soft text promotion, soft Wen is called soft wen, the subtlety lies in a "soft" word, the purpose of the soft text is ultimately to advertise, is also soft advertising. A lot of times some too soft articles have no effect, because the soft writing failure, and there is no value, so write soft Wen also want to divide target group, want to get traffic through soft text, then can want to analyze good target group, and attentively to write a successful soft wen, must be useful to the user, they looked after can obtain the need, To hold a user-written attitude to write a useful article for users! But this is not an easy job, because not everyone can write ads not like ads! But in writing, you have to be clear, you write this article is for what, in order to increase the chain, or bring traffic, write good where to put ? These should be based on the point of the soft text to set! In fact, softer than other articles are difficult to write, you should not only accurate and concise expression of your meaning, but also useful to the reader, so that he resonates, and then the ads quietly implanted into his thinking inside, the effect is effective! But how to write a successful soft article, I hope, When you write, don't think about writing for yourself, and to think about, for example, I simply share how SEO keyword rankings, share their experience, in the experience of sharing their own web site as an example to illustrate, and details, such as the optimization of XX station before, XX Word ranking how many bit, later, How to make this word ranked how many bits, and so on, the ads into the article, so that readers feel that your Web site is just a simple example of you, this will be easy to accept, and so the intention to write out the article is a good soft wen! Anyway, write bad, soft text we still have to write, So the novice webmaster how to write soft wen? In fact, soft writing good and bad, with the intention is not a great relationship!

1, first determine a good article title, the title requires you to organize words, with concise and esoteric words to outline the subject of the article, not mediocre, but not too esoteric, to consider the majority of users of the understanding of thinking ability, a good title to determine how many people will look at this article. If the title is not selected well, the article is no longer known for the wonderful. Of course, do not have to do the title party, or not only to be scolded saliva will also affect their propaganda effect.

2, I have been advocating the intention to write content, webmaster know Baidu like original, so desperately false original, but if you really want to write a good soft text, you must be careful to write, you can refer to other works, but you have to see his meaning, and then use their own words to organize their own opinions, The intention to write the content of value! Let the reader read the article and get the knowledge needed, this will make the link in the soft text to get their favor! Therefore, when you write soft wen, if it is really a shallow and poor writing, then write their own experience to share, it is not a difficult thing, like a pupil will write a diary , sometimes such things are easier for users to like than those archaisms, because practice is greater than theory!

3, do not appear too many URLs, URLs appear at the end of the best, I have seen very soft wen, the beginning of an article, the middle, the end of the site are everywhere, the beginning of the Web site on the soft user experience is very poor, it is difficult to let users like, if the middle of no examples of XXX, do not in the middle of the article with the Web site, unless you use the grammar , you can integrate your Web site into that place, the general situation I advocate is at the end of the soft text, so that the editor will retain, other sites reprinted when respecting the copyright will also give you, such URLs are more likely to be retained, and if your content really touched the user, Users will naturally in the aftertaste of your content when you go to your site to see!

4, write Soft wen Ningquewulan, do not write a few a day, because your thinking is limited, not every day has a few inspiration, if you write for the number of soft, write the quality will be greatly reduced, to do a good writer, the so-called reward, measuring a general's record is not how many battles he fought, but he won a few battles!

Finally or that sentence, no one is born will write soft Wen, to accumulate over time, write the soft text before to do is, the other people's article to see, see how others are written, the so-called "Rome Rome", do not be quick, to slowly! Well, it's written here, thank you for your attention!

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