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For large web sites, Word-of-mouth urgent importance, how to do good Word-of-mouth promotion? The following three steps are required:

The first step: let users remember your site, easy to remember the domain name of the large enterprise site is particularly important, such as the site domain name, easy to remember, you have seen had to remember it. If you are well-known 1782.html "> Brand Enterprise, you can use your brand domain name, then Hou brand domain name is particularly important, your brand has not registered, then hurriedly register it." If your brand name is registered, you can use a variety of means (law, buy back), think Google spend millions of dollars to buy know the value of the domain name brand. Only convenient to remember the domain name, Word-of-mouth promotion is particularly useful, because the first time visitors want to be able to quickly log on to your site to look at, rather than the trouble to find domain names.

The second step: to allow users to browse your site when the feeling is very good, the user experience must be better, the speed of the site, depending on

Feel the effect (at least do not produce visual fatigue bar) should be good. Imagine that you would introduce a poorly experienced website to your friends? The user experience is really important, which is a user-optimized category.

The third step: the key position in the Web page implies that users go to word-of-mouth propaganda. Do you usually take the initiative to introduce to others after browsing the website? The site has a good play, you will immediately tell your friends? I don't think I would have thought of that in my browsing. Want to successfully implement Word-of-mouth promotion, inadvertently to remind visitors, there are fun things (the need for things or types of entertainment), I believe that the chances of the visitors to actively promote a lot higher.

In these three steps, it is necessary to rely on a series of detailed processing to achieve this goal. If you want to promote Word-of-mouth, then study your site well, and then dig up the value of the site.

The promotion strategy of this approach should conform to the following two basic factors:

1, the website user experience is better.

2, the website has the characteristic, easy to produce the stickiness.

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