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May 30 this year, Hubei Zhixian Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhixian Media") issued a prospectus. The media company, which focuses on "Chung-Yin" magazine, prepared for IPO for 10 years.

Prior to this May 25, Chung Hsing media sudden "personnel earthquake." Prospectus shows that Zhijun Media, deputy general manager Zhu Jun (aka Li Jing) was dismissed by the board of directors, while receiving public security department investigation.

July 4, Wuhan City Public Security Bureau to the Beijing News reporter confirmed that due to suspicion of "crime of embezzlement", Zhu Jun has been the police criminal detention. According to sources, Zhu Jiajun was detained. It was reported by the Voice Media that there was "a deeper reason behind it."

Zhu Jun founded and helm for many years Zhixian media animation business. According to the prospectus, in 2013, the sales revenue of publications around "Zhiyin Manke" surpassed "Zhiyin" magazine, accounting for more than 60% of the total revenue of Zhiyin Media.

The IPO, knowing media plans to 447 million yuan raised investment funds, investment animation business. Some analysts believe that the control of the core business of Zhu Jun was fired, or affect the stability of the future performance of the media.

Zhu Jun, the core executive, was arrested

May 30 this year, Zhixin Media submitted a prospectus to the Securities and Futures Commission. It was mentioned that Zhu Jiajun (aka Li Jing) has been dismissed from the post of Deputy General Manager by the company.

The prospectus shows that Zhixian Media made the decision of dismissal at the second meeting of the second board of directors on May 25. At the same time, the prospectus also said Zhu Jun is receiving public security department investigation.

Prior to that, Zhu Jun belongs to the real power of the media. Since 2011, he has served as Deputy General Manager of Zhiyin Media and concurrently served as the general manager of the subsidiary company Zhiyin Animation.

Microblogging certification data show that Zhu Jun is also a "companion Man" based diffuse chief editor, as well as animation books, peripheral derivatives, animation, the publisher of the game.

For Zhu Jiajun was fired for the reason, the media did not give an explanation. However, the prospectus disclosed that "Zhuji Jun is being investigated by the public security department for" acts that may be harmful to the interests of the company. "

On July 4, the Publicity Office of Wuhan Public Security Bureau confirmed to the Beijing News reporter that Wuchang Branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau has already executed criminal detention on Zhu Jiajun on suspicion of "occupation embezzlement". "The details of the case are under investigation."

A person close to Zhu Junjun said that this case was initiated by the Sennheiser Media. The Sennheiser Media first accused Zhu Jiajun of "stealing the factory's secrets" and later thought that he had "taken bribes to the dealers."

"In the first two years, when Zhu Jun bought a house, he really borrowed money from the dealers and borrowed money to hit Zhu Jun's salary card." According to the above sources, Zhu Jun later returned the loan after receiving the year-end bonus.

In fact, last year, Chung Hsin Media conducted an internal investigation into the management of the company. In January 2013, a netizen claiming to be an "old companion" reported in a forum such as End of the World and Kaidi that there was "seeking bribes from dealers" , "Joint corruption", "harm to intellectual profits" and other issues. At that time, the news media had started an internal investigation.

Informed sources told the Beijing News reporter, recently heard the media has also transferred the "Tianjin Man Entertainment Communication Co., Ltd." business information. Tianjin Amusement shareholders for the Wuhan roaming World Culture Technology Co., Ltd.. The latter by Li Wen, Zhou Qiao Ru, often 蓦 dust jointly funded the establishment. All three have worked with Zhu Jiajun for many years.

"Net posts may be made by competitors." Last year, Voice of Knowledge launched an internal investigation, did not find the problem reported in the post. "One of the three said that they founded the company after the departure from the Anzhi animation," Zhu Jun was investigated, There is no reason to call our business information. "

Goodwill management relationship is not harmonious

After being dismissed, at 1:00 on May 29, Zhu Jiajun wrote in Weibo that he read "Lang Taosha" of the Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi and " Although Lu painful, blowing mad until the beginning of gold.

The poem means "innocent people are temporarily trapped, but after hard work, his worth will still be found."

"Can be said that he is the Godfather animation business 'Godfather.'" There are well-informed staff evaluation. Public reports show that in 2005, invited by Hu Xunbi, chairman of Zhixin Media, Zhu Jiajun went to Wuhan from Guangzhou to set up a "sweetheart".

"He led his own team, starting from a desk and a computer, resolutely embarking on an unknown front road." There are reports written.

The people who came close to Zhu Jiajun recalled that the initial stage of "Innocence Man" was very difficult. "Zhu Jujun recruited a team, office printer or team to pay for it himself, step by step to make the" companion "larger. .

Currently, "companion" has become the circulation of comic periodicals with the largest circulation volume in China with a circulation of 77,801,500 in 2013. One media said Zhu Jiajun "equals recreating a" companion ".

Three interviewees disclosed that Zhu Jun was not harmonious with the management of some media companies.

"His character is arrogant." A resigning middle-aged recalled that at a general manager's office meeting, Zhu Jun-jun once said in half-joking tone that the future of Sennheiser Media would be "a boon" and not rely on Low-end magazines such as "companion".

"In this case, the boss certainly does not want to hear."

The aforementioned people who approached Zhu Jun admitted that Zhu Jun was "somewhat prosperous and often burst out some mantra." The source said that because of paper, printing and other issues, Zhu Jun and Zhixian media chairman Hu Xunbi "shot a few times the table."

"At a customer appreciation meeting, when more than 200 customers, Zhu Junji scolded Hu Xunjie by the drink .He said very difficult to hear." The source said. According to a number of insiders corroborated, nearly 70-year-old Hu Xunjie, chairman Hu Xunbi's brother.

A letter of appointment shows that Hu Xun Jie in the voice of the media as a coordinator, "responsible for the main product marketing and financial management and other coordination" and enjoy the treatment of deputy general manager.

For all these statements, July 3, Beijing News reporter called the media. A staff member in the editor-in-chief said that at present, the sponsor agency demanded that the media should not interview the media.

A number of core staff to resign

At present, the importance of the animation business such as "Zhixinmanke" to Zhixian Media is beyond doubt. In 2013, Zhineng Media achieved revenue of RMB579 million. During the period, "sweetheart" sales revenue of 196 million yuan, relying on "companion" other animation periodicals and books sales revenue of 189 million yuan.

Together, the publication of "Zhiyin Manke" has a sales revenue of 385 million yuan in 2013, accounting for as much as 66.5% of the sales revenue of ZhunYin Media in that year.

In 2013, the revenue from the distribution of "Zhiyin" magazine, the core product of the well-known media, was 78.596 million yuan. This amount is only equivalent to 40% of the "Bonus" distribution revenue.

More importantly, in recent years, the circulation and distribution income of "Zhiyin" magazine have been declining year after year. The publication of "Zu Ren Man Ke" has become one of the few performance "growth points" for Zhixian Media.

Animation is also the direction of the future of Focus Media. According to the prospectus, this media plan to raise 690 million yuan, of which 447 million yuan to be cast animation - "Zhixian animation industry chain project" needs 194 million yuan, the second phase of the plan cost 253 million yuan.

However, at the crucial juncture of the IPO, the animation animation business suffered from personal turmoil. In addition to the founder Zhu Jiajun was dismissed investigation, a number of executives of animation company, also due to different reasons have quit.

In addition to animation and animation, the other media investment direction for the well-known video version of the project. This proposed 149 million yuan to raise funds for the project, including the filming of micro-movies, television dramas, dramas and so on.

It is reported that for many years served as general manager of TVB's Hu Xiaohui, leaving in 2013, Hu Xiaohui in office, surgeon Knox Media produced the movie "SWAT hero." "The original set up a line of video team, but also many people quit." The aforementioned former middle said he does not optimistic about the prospect of investment in television drama.

"Initial public offering of shares and listing management approach" provides that the issuer in the last three years, no major changes in the main business and directors, senior management personnel. "The departure of executives who control the core business can be seen as a major change," said a brokerage. Wang Zhi-bin securities lawyer believes that the changes of the core executives, will affect the stability of the company's business, the listing of legal obstacles.

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