Property brokers are accused of rising prices

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The news of the general rise in rents has recently been seen in the media, there is an analysis of the industry, the main reason is that many buy housing reform rental, selling housing reform rental, resulting in the supply and demand of two prosperous. Is that so?  Recently, a source told reporters that the deeper reason is that real estate agents push up their prices. Ms. Zhou in the hundred sub-Bay has a set of small, the first two years of rent has been stable in about 2400 yuan a month, but recently received an intermediary phone, said that can be rented to me 3000 yuan a month, I asked how the rise so much, tenants do not agree to do? The agency said rents are up now, tenants do not agree to retire, he promised to rent out in a week. "Ms. Zhou quite wonder," in the past rental, intermediaries are too high price, but also with the tenant bargain, now incredibly reverse, really strange. "The reporter then in the name of the landlord to several intermediaries listed rental, said in the east has a small set of two homes, the lease period has arrived, before the rent is 2800 yuan per month."  Most brokers say it is too low to mention at least 3200 yuan, and certainly can be rented out. A personage in the industry discloses, with the property New Deal unceasing release, the second-hand House transaction volume drops rapidly, in order to maintain the store, many second-hand housing company will operate the key from the sale to the leasing, and secretly raises the rental price. "First of all, it is crucial to raise the rent to 3000 yuan, because generally speaking, the rent is below 3000 yuan, the tenant gives commission, 3000 yuan above is the homeowner pays commission." The tenant has already staked out a lot of money, the commission often demands a discount, the homeowner is the beneficiary, and the Commission is certainly more enjoyable than the tenant. "In addition, the greater significance of raising rent prices is" manufacturing demand ". "Rent increased, if the tenant can not afford, it is necessary to retire, after the majority of the rental will continue to rent, and vacate the house to continue to rent, so that ' supply and demand two prosperous ', bringing more leasing business." "According to the 21st Century real estate monitoring data, Beijing's overall rental price rose by more than 20% per cent over the same period last year, with average monthly gains of 2%, especially since March this year."  Recently, the rent level of Zhuang, Chiqing, Baiziwan, OCA, Tongzhou and other plates rose sharply, with a chain increase of more than 3% and some regions exceeding 7%.  Now in the urban area, even the old one bedroom, it is difficult to find a monthly rent in 2000 yuan below the house, suburban areas such as Changping, Tongzhou, daxing, a rent level has also been up to 2000 yuan, and is still rising. Newspaper reporter Lianying
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