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4th, Shenzhen Huicheng (002168, closing price of 22.73 Yuan) issued a notice, the company intends to be no less than 18.50 yuan/share prices to include the first major shareholder Lu Xiaoyi, including the number of 10 specific objects of more than 30 million shares, to raise funds to the Changchun Gaozhaizu amide, such as three projects.  For this directional issue, the company chairman, the first major shareholder Lu Xiaoyi pledged to 50 million yuan in cash to subscribe to the Non-public offering of shares, showing the project's optimistic. Yesterday in the pursuit of hot money, the stock performance outstanding.  Insiders believe that the stock market funds are concerned about the main reason is that the fund-raising investment in the Polyimide project has a huge imagination space. Polyimide project is to raise the key to Shenzhen Hui Cheng Notice show, the targeted additional funds proposed to be used for three projects: additional subsidiaries Changchun Gao Qi Polyimide Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Changchun) construction of polyimide fiber and products project, the initial estimate of investment of 300 million yuan, new high-performance polymer materials, such as projects,  Proposed to invest 100 million yuan, new composite insulation vacuum electrical control equipment project to invest 60 million yuan. From the amount of money invested, the Polyimide project is the focus of this investment. Earlier, the company's Dong Zhang Guogang in the "Daily economic news" reporter interview, said, "Changchun is the company's first foreign investment project, but also the development focus." "Previously, the company has made a number of increases in Changchun.  Shenzhen Hui Cheng has been invested in Changchun 62.4 million yuan, accounting for the registered capital of Changchun 54.26%. The company announced that Polyimide fiber is a high-performance fiber, mainly used in aerospace, nuclear power station, combustible gas filter, heat radiation insulation screen carpet, high temperature fire protection clothing, racing anti-burn clothing, armored units of protective clothing and flight suits, as industrial high-temperature dust filter materials, with its advantages, in cement, steel, In the fields of nonferrous metal, thermal power generation and garbage incineration, the exhaust dust is also widely used.  It is also a critical material in the field of defense forces, such as aerospace. At present, only a few foreign companies have achieved commercial production, and the price is very high, and the implementation of limited sales in China.  Changchun by relying on the Chinese Academy of Sciences Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry Technology, at present, the pilot phase has been successful, has been able to large-scale industrialization of polyimide, the company believes that the prospects are broad. "From the specific application of polyimide, once the project Tatsu production, the company will have multiple concepts: new materials, environmental protection, military and so on, these are institutions, hot money favored, I think the stock future there is room for increase."  "said one analyst. The capital of each road yesterday the shares in the two-tier market outstanding performance. After a little adjustment in the early morning, from about 10 o'clock, the stock into the rising channel, all the way up the shock, 14:20 in the surge in the pursuit of the pay, firmly sealed the limit, the report received 22.73 yuan. Exchange of public transactions data show that the Guotai Shanghai Jiangsu Road, founder Securities Hangzhou Yan ' an business department mainly of the hot money is the main strength of the stock trading, the former purchase amount reached 16.03 million yuan. Shenzhen in November last year, particularly outstanding performance, the shares of the rally, such as the Rainbow, the highest price reached 24.4 yuan. Previous data also show that the unit has been favored by institutional funds.  The analysts said last November's rally was most likely funded by institutional funds, and agencies were also frequently going to corporate research. "Institutional, hot money in the two-tier market continued to buy, coupled with the continued increase in the company and senior executives, these actions are indicative of the prospects for Shenzhen benefits, polyimide may be the reason for widening the rise of the cattle stocks." "The analysts said.
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