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For domestic SNS, seems to have developed to now have a bottleneck, the value of the first level of the network tends to stabilize, two or above network is almost worthless. One or two-level connections are difficult to penetrate, we will study the following.

The value of a first-level network can be divided into two pieces. First, emotional value. such as in the QQ space to see friends mood, and express concern or fun. Second, economic value. Borrow money, introduce work, etc.

Two or more connections only have economic value. Emotional value, to see the mood of the stranger message generally meaningless (QQ drift bottle will be a failure of products, the major sites are still burning money SNS social games will also be the failure of the product). Economic value such as friends to introduce his friends (two-level friends) to his shop to buy things. Friends introduce you to his iron Buddy's company work. The economic value of the two-level network needs to exist and can be achieved.

Two-level network to achieve its economic value requires a strong driving force and the highest convenience. Otherwise, people often need help only to consider people in the first level of network.

The following SNS development strategy proposed is based on the above viewpoint, is

① Guide users to tap the economic value of two-level networks

② maximizes the ease with which the two-tier network's economic value is realized, allowing users to subconsciously think of connections including their vast two-level connections when they need help.

Thoughts on the development direction of SNS in China

Preface: September 21, 2011 night, I happened to see a news, Ma Yun said, to Taobao SNS. Feel that this is a breach of the domestic SNS industry, and then collect and analyze the domestic SNS major web site development information and conditions, put forward the following domestic SNS development direction Strategic concept:

First part

Firstly, the value essence of social and weak social interaction in SNS is clarified.

For example, we will go with friends to drink coffee (emotional value), and almost impossible and friends of friends directly without a drink coffee, not ripe, distrust, no words. But I will be happy to buy things from friends who shop on Taobao (economic value) and tell him that one of my friends is also your friend. Finally, it can be a strong relationship because of the shopping.

Another example, SNS social games, such as the early popular stealing vegetables, and strong relationship between the crowd interaction, their family and friends, the user's satisfaction is strongly related to the emotional value of social interaction. Stealing a stranger's food (which is not interesting) is a weak social sphere that produces little emotional value (a bit of freshness) and does not produce any economic value. So people steal later, in the strong relationship between the satisfaction of interaction weakened, stealing food game quickly fever.

Conclusion 1

The value of social interaction in SNS is mainly in the value of emotion, knowing the mutual solicitude of each other's feelings. The value of socially weak relationships is mainly driven by stronger economic values.

Conclusion 2

Domestic SNS Web site to the game for social-oriented design, even if the game is outstanding, it is difficult to penetrate one or two-level contacts, to make a real social network system.

Part II

SNS has an ultimate development direction, take Tencent as an example:

First, friends can focus on a network of strong relationship between the emotional value of social interaction, users can see the mood of friends and so on, can play game interaction, which is enough for the users of the network of Friends, and friends on the Internet two-degree network function is necessarily very low usage rate. For example, a stranger invites you to play a game, even if he belongs to your two-degree network of people, most people are not interested. If the elder sister's parents invite, certainly invited, even if the game is not how. (certainly can be seen from Tencent's internal data)

Second, build a website to focus on the two degree of network value mining.

Two degree network:

Function 1. On the website, users can see the feelings of the friends who are not talking about their friends, it's about seeing a friend buy something on the internet, or what a friend's friend bought on the internet, and then talk about what it's like (this audience almost covers all ages, And not only strong relationship between the emotional value of the young users of the state, Taobao SNS has a barrier, the user has little weak social relations, Tencent patted +qq won. )

Function 2. On the site, users can see what their friends have idle second-hand goods and friends have what idle second-hand goods, this has a great value of second-hand transactions. This group also has a lot of second-hand trading energy, even if there are very few people who initially voluntarily release unused items. See article.

Function 3. Entrepreneurship and job search aggregation. Users can see whether friends or friends have factories, office space and other idle resources or friends and friends of the professional skills and whether to participate in entrepreneurship, change jobs of the will and direction.

The above three functions, SNS in the weak relationship between the three major values, and technically already fully feasible.

Based on Tencent's powerful two-degree network push system, the average user can have at least 1000 or more two-degree network (refer to Tencent Friend Net, I have no control over there are more than 10,000, Khan one, too much is not good at first)), so that can facilitate, smooth and efficient to do:

Friends recommend his reliable friends to come to you to buy things or sell you used cars.

Friends recommend his reliable friends to work in your company.

A friend recommends his reliable friend to start a business with you.

The platform design is convenient enough and the function is clear enough. The:

Once the network, two degree of trust between the network barrier, in the above interactive process, will gradually eliminate.


① shopping, exchange of views for continuous demand. Trustworthy and sustainable provider of advice, for friends, or two degree friends, such as many friends ask me about Android phone, and recommend their friends to consult me, than Baidu FAQ

② Second-hand goods trading demand also for sustainable demand, once the network of second-hand goods resources are insufficient. Two degree of network resources and credibility is just right. This can be combined with the lbs,58 of the city's Android clients to the user to publish second-hand goods information experience is perfect.

Example: I used 58 clients to search the nearby second-hand Android phone and found a lot. Although on the side, but did not want to call the impulse.

So what if the phone is a friend of my friends who wants to sell it? 80 of people will immediately point to the Contact Phone button on the client. You can chat with a friend, and then let him take himself to see his friends selling mobile phones. More trust. More favorable. What kind of experience is this? The ultimate experience of buying second-hand goods. There is no better way than this.

So, if it's a second-hand housing. Tencent's ability to promote, lbs+ second-hand trading +sns, will easily become the industry giant.

③ business needs, transfer demand. As a direct example: two-degree contacts across all walks of life, when I release an entrepreneurial project to find the needs of cooperative friends, the system automatically broadcasts to its two-degree network of people who are interested in starting a business. Can even set a professional direction of delivery. When I click on the drop button, I get a hint of how many two-degree connections have been made by those who have had their own personal connections. So, I started calling. Call your own one-time contacts and ask about the two-degree connections. (Mobile phone to place click to dial the phone button, more convenient, in line with the business people's high efficiency demands, the great Android AH) Three people come out to eat dinner together.

This is what kind of experience. Continue to be perfect.

Change jobs, recruit, and solve.

This move, will easily dissolve Sina Weibo's social recruitment advantage. About microblogging recruitment, refer to this article, or directly Baidu microblogging recruitment bar, the news more comprehensive.

Think about it is very simple and beautiful ah. The greatest products are often the easiest to make the user feel. People will be keen to dig up their two-degree connections, because that means there are more job opportunities, entrepreneurial opportunities, easier to deal with their second-hand goods more easily, not cheated to do online shopping, buy anything can get the most valuable reference friend or his friend bought something after the use of experience! For example, I was very tangled before I hesitated to buy Sony's new MP3, finally bought after really feel dissatisfied. If you have a friend who has bought a friend to tell me in detail how good it is! There's always one in 1000. What about the 10,000? Ask a complete stranger who has a free mind? (Although Baidu FAQ is based on a large number of users still have the possibility to get the answer, but the efficiency is too low, the answer is not necessarily responsible.) It's usually a copy-paste.

When I posted an announcement on the two-degree network, "Friends of friends, you who can tell me that Sony's w262 value is not worth buying, 10,000 inside there is always a willing to tell me, when he responded to the system hint is a friend of which contribution of two degree network, then I will tell him, So you know a so-and-so, what do you think of him? This experience is how fun and how great it is! and therefore, in this mutual trust in the atmosphere of small help, not 35 times, will be able to quickly and successfully two-degree network upgrade to a one-time network! This is the social essence of SNS weak relationship! How big is Taobao, How many people in the above shopping, two degrees of network access to how much! and its value, will end up far more than Taobao! (Tencent's own question and answer product can also be withdrawn, the question and answer class product +sns is kingly!1+1>2, hehe)

600 million users and two-degree network push system Ah! This point, Taobao is far from doing! Tencent is Shing! When the business value of a two-degree network is completely stimulated, it is no longer a problem when enthusiasm is mobilized, whether it is an interactive shopping experience, a photo release of second-hand goods, or the release of a start-up asset.

In such an interactive process, still worry not to find a girlfriend? Still have to marry not to go out? And, that is called "You Know" thing, hehe. Many of the domestic SNS website persistent pursuit of heterosexual friends function, in fact, is the fur of SNS ah. (SNS directly into the opposite sex dating area, with the obstacles can not be crossed, I have another analysis of the text involved)

For Tencent, features one of the advantages of competitors: Taobao. function of the advantage of two competitors: Taobao, 58 with the city. Feature three advantage competitors: No.

Tencent's own 600 million active users will create a new generation of social networking based on SNS, and naturally turn the weak relationship into a stronger relationship of higher value, opening up the barriers to once-and two-degree contacts. Will eventually profoundly change the social and economic development. Tencent does not need marketing, not lack of technology, not lack of funds, only lack of enough valuable talent and products!

Part III

The ultimate vision of SNS:

Next, please close your eyes and think about it, there is a website with all your two-degree connections. You want to ask questions? To whom? Friends, and all friends friend! Shopping, technology, emotion, life, how to stew the meat, what kind of bleach effect the clothes? All of the whole ... My dear friend's friends, who can help to answer the following?

Two degree network, will replace Baidu question and answer!

Not boiling yet?

So, see, when you have 1000 two-degree connections:

Dear friends, who do you work in the Railway Bureau, the Spring Festival can you help me get a ticket? When we ask you and our mutual friend Wang to eat a big meal! (Broadcast to friends of the same city)

Dear friends, you have no one who work in the mobile phone store, I would like to buy such a mobile phone, when I and our common friend Skinny Lee to pick, you give me concessions, I give you performance!

Dear friends, do you have any who work at the airport, can you help me to get a discount ticket? Come back, I'll bring some of our specialties. JuJube Qin to your mutual friend.

Dear friends, My girlfriend will be birthday tomorrow, in order to give her a surprise, to a super blessing SMS bombing, I hope you have free words to help me under this small busy! The number is ...

Dear friends, I am in a bad mood today, who can accompany me to go shopping, of course, tube rice one day! (automatically sent to the same city area.) LBS.)

Please close your eyes and think, is this two-degree network of contacts you want?

(System settings, when the two-degree network of two people to help communicate with each other more than 10 times, the system will prompt both sides, whether to upgrade each other for a one-time network (whether you agree with So-and-so, you can become your most trusted friends), both agree, then upgraded to a one-time network, System is open to the other side of the number of times two degrees of contacts to two people

When you have 10,000 two-degree connections!

Dear friends, do you have to sell their second-hand housing, three rings inside, then I and our common friend Xiao Han together to see, we know by the way to chat, after the empty mahjong will ah ~

Dear friends, I would like to go to Sanya tourism, you have to live in Sanya, our common friend Wang Blessing, convenient for me to rub a few days on you do not? Of course, I bring you home five kg of our hometown of specialty Persimmon! (automatically broadcast to Sanya friends)

Dear friends, do you have any study in Zhongshan University, I have to go to the interview, can you rub off your dormitory? To tell you our common friend So-and-so's embarrassing, haha! (automatically broadcast to the Friends of Zhongshan University)

Friends, our home to decorate the house, you must have some knowledge of building materials market bar, I pay 200 of a day to please you in a one time, to go to the building materials city to pick a reliable building materials, who has the time to help this busy? Thank you! Also called Xiao Wang (Our common friend) Exchange under the decoration experience!

System settings, each to help someone else, get a reputation. When you help someone to reach more than 100 times and have no record of complaint, you will be given the title of "Good Man". Reached 200 times, "great man" ...

Up to 500 times, Tencent offers 500 Yuan reward!

Please close your eyes imagine, two-degree network, will destroy the second-hand house production intermediary, evaporate half of the hotel performance, will expand one times the attractions people flow! Two degree contacts, will let you know more about your friends, it is easier to think of their good! Two-degree connections will create two timeless words, friends, social talent ( Specializing in helping people to do small things to get Tencent bonuses live the professional high credibility of social people!

When your two-degree contacts reach 100,000.

So, you can know Tencent's president, Ma Teng. You can meet the president, Hu Jintao. Do you believe that? When Ma sees your credit rating at 100,000, when the president sees your credit rating reaching 200,000, they will be willing to see you, do you believe it. (200,000 credibility Ah, oh, I guess you are old enough to serve the day to get (-_-) y)

Horse always or old Hu, perhaps one day will tell you, worthy of respect friend, can help me a little busy, with you that all over the country so many friends casually point small specialties, I would like to bring home to the elderly to taste fresh, but too busy ah. Send it to me then, but don't tell people my address, hehe. Your 100,000 credibility, can have ah, uh.

Such a moment, is not very worth looking forward to?

Finally, a friend of my friends, my credibility is 200,000. My house to decorate, who can first lend me 50,000 Yuan, hehe. I believe you, you can also believe me! (When the two-degree network is truly developed, the credibility of the value system is really built up, such a moment, will appear.) This may be a two-degree network in nature already can be used as a one-time network of SNS development of the ultimate moment.

Everyone pays a little love, the world will be better. This phrase, now, can be believed.

Ultimately, if you can see that, two-degree connections will be equal to the Internet. will be equal to the second society, a perfect society.

I。 You。 He。 I believe you. You believe him. So I would like to believe him. It's as simple as that.

A friend's friend is a friend. A friend's friend will help you.

Hello, friends. Do you have a single ah, we fall in love, it is not early, of course, to pull our common friend So-and-so, peer introduction, even if not to play together, but also better than the older generation of chaos, haha. Once again, destroy the marriage website, hehe, a bit difficult.

SNS World's predicament from this crack. The internet will change the world once again. Tencent, will be very reliable to tell you a simple word-the Internet, you will have more friends.

(even if the above analysis because of my experience, you greatly think that most of the nonsense, but at least sns+ question and answer this model is worth a try, directly on the QQ to add a small horn notice on it, one of their friends in the QQ to ask the issue, I hope you to answer. But I think this way will just make a product, not to make an era. I implore you master advice!

Part IV:

Two-degree network framework design and functional expansion based on lbs

Functional Design principles:

First, the user is the most lazy person principle.

Second, the principle of accurate classification of networks, so that users have the highest efficiency in the need to mobilize the network to achieve goals.

Third, rigorous, efficient, privacy protection principles

The system design is sophisticated enough and the user interface is friendly and simple enough

Part IV the first block

Assuming I'm a white-collar user, the first time I get into a two-degree network experience should be like this.

QQ broadcast See ADS and links QQ Account Login-system prompts, the first login, start building network-building a network-system to import QQ friends list, and prompts, please carefully consider your first level of network, choose more familiar people, this is conducive to the effective development of your network. It is recommended that the initial construction not exceed 50 people. System settings, a network of people, must be QQ friends know the other person's real name, when selected to enter the name of the other party, the current residence. (later, the system can be based on the other IP positioning multiple statistics (to avoid occasional location is not allowed) prompted me to address the other person's residence may change, whether to send a message to inquire about the current situation (to facilitate a more stable level of network, because the first level of network with emotional value, one or two words can achieve a higher sense of satisfaction and network maintenance effect)-- I selected 50 people as a level of contacts, and entered their real name and place of residence-the system will be 50 people list, click to open one of the following, see the expansion of a few small labels ① level two network ② professional ③ work ④ transfer or job search or entrepreneurial small label (according to each other's own information, there are light corresponding small labels) ⑤ ⑥ Send Message

Point to open a two-level network of small labels, the other side of the two-level network, only professional, location of two small labels (other labels do not show the value, because users even see, will not initiate the topic.) But when users need to have entrepreneurial tendencies, through the system search function to retrieve all two levels of network information, their own level two network, but also some people's first-level network, nature, its entrepreneurial tendencies or not the information system is also some

Example: I see the first level of contacts in the Iron Man Tao of the transfer label is on the bright, so will send a message, Tao, how, recently mixed bad? (emotional value, even if I do not organize entrepreneurial needs.) And this information, as a result of a long time users of QQ space formed by the relatively illusory use of habits, usually will not let friends know that they want to transfer such specific affairs. To QQ space or friend net form complementary)

If I see someone in the two-level network with Tao, the label is on the bright, ignored. No air.

No use of information to remove as much as possible, the aesthetic principles of UI design.

If I have a need to start a business, want to find a reliable level one or two contacts, or I am a headhunter, then use the System advanced search box, directional precision search.

Entrepreneurial needs: Click on the button "Search network resources"-options, entrepreneurship--options-professional, there is no idle resources (a level of network goals can be seen there are no idle resources and specific items, funds or shops, etc., two can only see and do not)--current work, wages (same, level open, two-level limit)

Headhunting: Click on the button "Search for Connections"-options, job hunting-occupations and levels-demand for wages (other subdivision options can then be detailed design)

headhunting + website model can be successful. Reference to the success of similar sites at home and abroad, you will definitely understand, you can refer to that kind of successful website to design, not to say more

There are three major factors in the success of Headhunting + website model class. ① to establish a sound and reliable user information system (the current technology is easy to do) ② users believe that the site is rigorous, efficient, protection of privacy ③ promotion ability, coverage is wide enough, the efficiency of hunting and being hunted is high (this Tencent can easily do)

and two degree network, also should be rigorous, efficient, protect privacy principle to design, other factors Tencent is not a problem, only this point will succeed or fail.

Part IV second block

After the initial construction of the network, it is the user's own information and privacy system design, and let users believe that the system is reliable.

User data, should include the following options:

1. Basic information such as age.

2, the current salary (only open to your first level of contacts, please carefully select your first level of contacts)

3, contact (QQ number automatically open, the phone can be selected for the two-level network open or not, the first level of contacts will automatically become the name next to the small label)

4, recently purchased the category of goods, name and Web site (has filled out the automatic become a one or two-level network name under the small label, for example, Sony w262, Samsung P1000, click on the small label automatically jump to the URL), without the above figure, in line with the most lazy person principle. That's enough information. When users need to understand a product, can be broadcast to their own two-level network, waiting for others to respond (passive) or search box (active, Ah, the great search engine, hehe), another mandatory function, users every 5 times to log on to two-degree network, Automatically jump out of the request to fill out the latest online shopping interface. Without causing too much burden to the user at the same time, gradually improve the system database.

5, whether there is a job search, transfer, entrepreneurial intent, etc.

6, whether there is idle resources or funds, etc. (only open to your first level of contacts, please carefully choose your first level of contacts)

7, whether there is a purchase, the willingness to buy a car (only open to your first level of contacts, please carefully select your first level of network) (this function, you can destroy the intermediary.) Imagine buying a car from a friend of your reliable first-tier network, your offer, his performance, plus the two brothers good, emotional value and economic value of the double maximization, at the same time, the realization of the way for their own good brothers who want to sell a house to sell cars or do this kind of business, will take the initiative to two degree network to retrieve your information (strong driving force), The sale of such large items is also not in a hurry, the completion of their own hanging in the two degree of reliable network, wait until a good friend is delivered, the perfect experience (another, in the long run, when the site developed, their own once more well-connected (to their own hair ads immediately kicked for two degrees), will be on the site to form a new economic model, coverage not only the RV , second-hand workshops and the like. Efficiency and benefit maximization. The intermediary should be destroyed. )

The rest of the station when the specific analysis.

Part IV Third block

Website question answering system. Interactive interface design.

This piece is simpler, although the function is important, also only need to start to build station analysis, need not consider beforehand. Already have a lot of mature outstanding works can refer to.

Not because of positioning problems caused by the failure of the site can be put in the building when the team specific analysis.

Part Four fourth block

The intelligence of the website backstage system. Users are the most lazy.

For example, when the user in the question and answer module issue food issues, the system priority broadcast to its one or two-degree network of food professionals. Such people are also happy to answer questions they are good at.

This feature will solve the domestic question and Answer class Web site experts-users of the benefits of the distribution of value of the problem. Because experts and themselves, there will be a common gold friend as a bridge. At the same time, anyone's commitment to a two-degree network can be quickly and efficiently transformed into rewards.

The website develops to later, according to the Prestige system and the personal information, may open such as "the Attestation headhunting" and so on function, the attestation headhunting will be able to call the target in two degree network's various questions and answers information, not only sees the diploma, sees the ability more. Ability from where to look. Questions and answers. This is the essence of headhunting recruitment. Of course, when invoked, the user is authorized. and in order to guarantee the efficiency of the user authorization, should have the message authorization system.

In fact, many functions of the Internet community should be integrated. Many times, 1+1>2

Technology is no longer a problem. Environment, psychology has also matured. A long time will come together.

Two-degree network, will eventually complete the user has a large unified value information. Commercial and pure, profitable and friendly, perfect and unique.

Everything, and only Tencent can do it.

If not, I believe that this will be the ultimate vision of the human relationship across the Internet. Someday, it will come true. So great, I hope to have the opportunity to participate in this life.

Yes, lbs expands. This piece is only fur, technical problems, not the essence of the problem. Later discussion.

Finally, thank you for your valuable time reader!

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