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According to the Japanese scej announced that, with the company's latest dynamic body feel rocker PlayStation move is about to launch, so the official will launch of this rocker and the two corresponding game with the same bundle of different joystick games with the chains version of "PlayStation moves Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition Special Pack "(PS Move biochemical Crisis 5 AE Edition special Package) and" PlayStation move great 3 Gun Shooting Perfect Pack "(PS move Big 3 Gun  Shooting Perfect Package Selling, pricing "PS Move biochemical Crisis 5 AE Edition Special package" 7980 yen, "PS move Big 3 Gun Shooting Perfect Package" 11980 yen, both are scheduled to launch on October 21, 2010! One of the "PS move biochemical Crisis 5 AE Edition Special package" aspect, this is the February 2010 Capcom launched the Popular Survival action game "biochemical Crisis 5 AE version" with PS move rocker with the bundle, so that players can more intuitive operation of the same chains version; As for "Big 3 Gun Shooting "is the" Deadstorm Pirates "(Death Storm Pirates)," Time crisis:razing Storm "(Defuse the crisis: Hurricane Storm) and" Time Crisis 4 "(Defuse the crisis 4) Etc three in the past in the arcade and home platforms are very popular with the player's popularity shooting game in a CD-ROM shooting game collection works, the game is scheduled to be sold by Bandai Namco Games Company on the market. And this "PS move Big 3 Gun Shooting Perfect Package" In addition to the game with PS move rocker together with chains, will also be included PS moves rocker-specific gun-type shooting rocker, so that players can enjoy the fun of shooting! (Edit Zhang Xing)
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