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At present, cloud computing development is in full swing, in the market has occupied a large area of heaven and earth. The public cloud as the main form of cloud computing, as a supporting platform, because of its low price and powerful attractive service, more and more of the Community enterprises and institutions began to dabble in this field.

2013, China for a number of large international open the public cloud market door: Microsoft, IBM, Amazon ... While the public cloud is favored, a significant number of people stand firm in the private cloud, which they think is superior to the public cloud. It must be admitted that the public cloud does exist a hidden danger of information security. How is data security on the cloud server guaranteed?

First, users have the data, but also responsible for this

"When we upload data to a cloud service provider's server, who is responsible for our personal information?" ”

Many cloud users have no clear answers to this question. Most public cloud service providers believe that by uploading data to the cloud, users retain their ownership of the data. This means that if users decide to let cloud service providers process their data, they will have absolute trust in them. The information that the cloud service provider may be dealing with is responsible, but not all, in security. You can choose a different cloud service provider or do not upload special data to the cloud.

Second, cloud service providers collect more data than you know.

Typically, you need to provide personally identifiable information when working with a cloud service provider. But you'll be surprised to see that these cloud service providers know more about you than that. Other information may come from the services you use in your daily life. These may include logon hours, the length of the connection, the device used, the location of the connection, the application used, and so on. There are many mechanisms for cloud vendors to collect these specific information. Commonly used methods are to use the browser's networked storage, application data caching, cookies, pixel tags, and anonymous identifiers.

Third, the user's control over the data is limited

You will find that cloud service providers have limited privacy options for end users, which is common. This can cause problems. First, you don't have control over all the data, only a small portion of it is privileged. Second, these options can only help you customize the way other people in the world access your information. Your cloud service provider still has full access to the data, and they will use that data for a variety of purposes. As a user, you cannot stop the vendor from doing this because these are expressly stated on the contract.

But you still have absolute privileges on the security settings of your local browser. You can set the required level of security to prevent cookies or other scripts from being executed. But that could have some cost. While you're blocking cookies, many other features are used. Cloud service providers have made explicit statements in their terms and regulations. So if you want to get all the functionality out of the cloud, you can only dream.

Four, data encryption is the King

What if you already have a contract with a cloud service provider? Don't worry, you still have a magic weapon--encryption. Before storing the data in the cloud, you can encrypt all the sensitive data. This adds another layer of protection to security, and control is entirely in your own hands. This may not be a cloud service provider's favorite, but it is enough that you have complete control over data security.

Talking about data encryption has to mention this technology-international advanced multimode encryption technology. Multi-mode encryption is a combination of symmetric encryption and fee symmetric encryption algorithm, which provides users with different encryption modes under different working conditions, flexible and targeted. Shanli network Ann on the Multimode encryption technology as the core, to create a mountain-li waterproof wall data leak-proof system, the use of international Advanced encryption algorithm, through various aspects of the management means to achieve data leak-proof function.

V. The law cannot bind all

Unfortunately, although there are legal provisions on privacy in all parts of the world, there is no worldwide standard. Although you are protected by the laws of all regions, this does not necessarily apply to your data. Cloud service providers, or data, eventually all servers are subject to different constraints. So if you expect the local laws to save you in the event of a problem, be sure to think twice.

Full protection of data encryption away from public cloud security risks

Cloud computing is not perfect. First, the user in the selection of service providers to do some understanding of precursors, prior investigation is absolutely necessary, so you can know what the service provider to provide protection measures of cloud data. Second, in the data upload to the cloud at the same time, users themselves to protect the information security efforts, you can use the protection of the original data security encryption software to encrypt the file, add a layer of hard to the data shield, reduce the risk of being controlled and compromised.

As long as the method is correct, the measures are implemented correctly, it is not a big problem to solve the information security hidden trouble of the public cloud. Of course, this requires cloud service providers and users to solve, cloud service providers to provide more comprehensive and better security protection, reduce risk, users themselves need to consider the worst case to avoid causing significant losses. Let the public cloud of information security vulnerabilities gradually, using targeted encryption technology and its software to encrypt important data, farewell to cloud risk!

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