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Absrtact: After receiving the investment of Tencent, the public comments will extend the chain of O2O to the downstream. May 6, 2014, hungry? With the public comments in Beijing jointly announced the conclusion of in-depth strategic cooperation. At the same time, the public comments and hungry Mody has investors spend 80 million of dollars in the hungry

After receiving the investment from Tencent, the public comments will extend the chain of O2O to the downstream.

May 6, 2014, hungry? With the public comments in Beijing jointly announced the conclusion of in-depth strategic cooperation. At the same time, the public comments and hungry Mody has investors to spend 80 million of dollars to buy a stake. After the deal is done, are you hungry? The founder's team-led management continues to have control of the company, hungry for independent operation and development, plans to go public after 3 years.

In Tencent's new micro-credit Enterprise Group, Alibaba submitted listing applications for the headlines days, black beans or want to first talk about the public comment on the shares hungry Mody this matter. BAT is trying to weave their own in the mobile Internet network, which is different from the PC era, they will set up a different connection point, and then by these points to subdivide the network of modules to weave down, until the spread to the line, completely enveloped our lives.

If the PC Internet is a two-dimensional world, mobile Internet is directly to the world and added a third dimension. Each of the original industrial chain, there is the possibility of expansion. Remember to comment on CEO Zhang has said several times to black beans, mobile Internet is a competing era. Now understand this phrase, black beans feel the industry chain by the geometric level of expansion, become particularly complex and multi-level, this shows:

1 local competitive companies, in fact, the overall strategic cooperation of the imagination more space.

2 at each level of the chain has the opportunity to produce large companies.

3 Under such circumstances, investment in Chinese culture is the best way for both sides to express their sincerity and reach a stable and cooperative relationship. Like men and women want to go down together, get married! Getting married is a lot of ideas.

According to the above logic, the public comment is undoubtedly a good sample of the survival of the mobile internet: up, it looked for a strong entrance to Tencent as a partner; down, it just got hungry. Finding a connection to the outside world is an eternal proposition for every company that is looking forward to the mobile Internet. For this proposition, the public comment on the search for connection point of the industrial chain more complex, started very early, stride is also very sense of propriety.

Before discussing this question, the black Bean first simply says "is hungry" is the home what kind of company. It was established in 2009 and online takeout is its main business. After 5 years of industry development, covering nearly 30 large and medium-sized cities nationwide, joined the restaurant more than 50,000, daily orders 100,000 single, the annual online turnover of more than 1.2 billion, has grown into China's largest catering "takeaway" meal booking platform.

Are you hungry? The market space is good enough. China's catering industry O2O market Size has developed rapidly in recent years, according to the data published in 2013, the market is expected to reach 91.3 billion in 2014, 2015 will exceed 120 billion. On-line takeout orders become an important force for the gradual rise of catering O2O.

Theoretically, hungry. There is a certain competitive relationship with the public comment. Comment is to do beer and skittles, take-away in the "eat" this item is very important user needs. But Zhang very early said that the public comment will not do takeout, because that is and reviews the different industry module, originally relative to bat comments on doing is dirty live dirty, take-away "more dirty more tired", do take-away sell to use another set of practices, comment on their own open up to sell regardless of human resources can not be taken into account. But takeout itself is a very worthwhile field of entrepreneurship, this is the public comment and hungry Mody can reach the basis of cooperation.

Through cooperation, the public comments can quickly expand the service content. Comments will be and hungry mody deep docking and integration of catering business in the field of data, takeaway services and platform traffic. After cooperation the public comments on the spread of the city will quickly expand to nearly 30 cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Tianjin, Fuzhou, Harbin, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Changchun, Xiamen, etc.), covering the number of merchants increased to nearly 50,000.

Are you hungry? The platform and flow advantages of the public comment are valued, which can be realized from the student market to the high-end and all-round delivery service through the high and middle end traffic. At present, the competition in the foreign market is very fierce, hungry no need to quickly establish a clear advantage position.

For the public comments and hungry, it is the final need for large data; Tencent shares the public comment, the truth is the same. They each have very good data resources and unique data acquisition capabilities. The public reviews owned merchant data and user-related data is hungry for the dream. Public comments Vice President Jiang Yuping said: "Local life O2O field is an extremely large and complex market, the public comments are willing to work with the industry's outstanding team to play their respective advantages, win-get collaboration for urban consumers and businesses to provide the best O2O services." ”

The collection of data can form "multiplication effect", the boundary of the data is their cooperation boundary, these boundary that formed by core competition ability protects the company itself not to be swallowed up, so the cooperation can continue forever.

As a company, to find its own borders, openness is the inevitable next step. The 2014 public comment is also in the open movement, which is also the O2O field entrance has decentralized, diverse characteristics decided. Public comments in the local life data, users and offline businesses have been more than 10 years of accumulation, provided from information inquiries, group purchase, restaurant reservations, catering and electronic coupons and other types of local life services, but also cut into the marriage, hotel tourism and other vertical areas, is China's largest local life information and trading platform, Has a wealth of industry resources and experience, has occupied the location of the main entrance.

However, for the public comments, the entrance is to be constantly being overweight. Can in the original Take-away Business Foundation, for users and businesses to provide a better takeaway experience, improve the local life service chain is the main entrance of the overweight. It can even be asserted that the future of similar imports as long as the opportunity is appropriate, reviews will continue to be similar to the cooperation of the hungry. Zhang often said that the public reviews to do the local life ecological chain and platform-oriented companies, the future will focus on the core of the user experience and user services, other services can be achieved through cooperation.

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