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Keywords Bus coupon decoration driving school electronic map bus line

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First look at the data on the surface through love,

March average: 365 flow forecast: ip≈1,908,000 pv≈12,821,760 dianping

March average: 1,456 flow forecast: ip≈486,000 pv≈2,123,820 ddmap

Domain name age 5 years 11 months 2 days (founded on June 22, 2005) dianping

Domain name age 5 years 6 months 17 days (founded on November 8, 2005) Ddmap

PR value is all 7

Baidu Google Yahoo search

Included Quantity 11600000-51500000-7858214-21600000 dianping


Included Quantity -3470000-2240000-234370-6850000 Ddmap




Data gap-March average

Look at the surface data:

World ranking difference: More than 1091, IP difference more than 1.4 million, PV difference more than 10 million

Domain Name Difference 5 months

Baidu included a difference: More than 8 million, Google difference: More than 40 million,

Reverse Chain difference: 511358

Baidu Snapshots updated every day,

In all types of search, navigation search traffic is the largest, two of Web site navigation Search are ranked in the Baidu page.


At present, the public comment on the opening of the city site has 20, Tintin network opened the city site 4, by the above data can be seen, almost the same time to build stations, with the local life information to provide services, but because the data volume difference is very large, can be seen on the network and Ding Ding Network in the site traffic gap is so large.

1 Site Diagnostics-keyword positioning

Site keyword positioning: (food, restaurant, group purchase, life, coupons-public comment network)

(Shanghai Life Information, promotions, coupons, events, Shanghai map, Shanghai Public Transport, Shanghai Subway, self-driving-Tintin network)

Keywords determine the location of the site, to the user description of the services provided by the site.

Public comment: <meta name= "Keywords" content= "public comment network, Beijing, coupons, community forum, gourmet restaurant, lodging hotel, hotpot, Buffet, Japan, Western, KTV, cinema, hairdressing, beauty spa, swimming pool, desktop games, bathing, Foot massage, wedding photography, wedding hotel, personality photo, attractions/picnic, budget hotel, Jian Wai Street, Zhongguancun, Xidan, Chao Wai Street, Wangfujing/Dong Dan "/><meta name=" Description "content=" according to reasonable commercial district, Landmark and detailed merchant classification system, to provide you with 128,371 Beijing food and beverage, wedding, lodging hotels, beauty salons and other consumer sites, and through a large number of personal customer reviews polymerization, to a variety of ratings, star standards to let you choose. "/>

Tintin net: <meta name= "keywords" content= "Shanghai map bus map bus line wedding Decoration Travel Driving School restaurant food Entertainment promotions discount Coupons" > <meta name= "description" content= "Ding Ding Net (original Tintin map) provides Shanghai with comprehensive life information (marriage, decoration, tourism, driving school, restaurant food, entertainment and leisure, promotions, activities, coupons, etc., and detailed map of Shanghai, bus lines, bus transfers, self-driving/taxi lines, house numbers and other maps services. Tintin network is China's largest and best location-based local life information portal; ">

Two Web site location differentiation

The public more inclined to comment, to the user to mention all kinds of local life information, users to publish the content of the comments, and the use of Google Maps to locate business information.

Tintin nets first by means of transportation inquiries, supplemented by various local life information, and have their own map positioning business information.

2 website title and meta

Title: (Frog frog called Dry pot era (Changshoulu shop) coupons, address (map)-Shanghai-public Comment official website

("Frog frog called Dry pot Age (Changshoulu shop)" Merchant Information | "Frog frog is called Dry pot era (Changshoulu shop)" Coupon | "Frog frog is called dry pot Age (Changshoulu shop)" User reviews information-"Shanghai" Life-Tintin network)

Meta: Shanghai Frog Frog is called Dry pot era (Changshoulu shop): Per capita price 63 yuan. Enter Frog frog called Dry pot era (Changshoulu shop) page, see more about Frog frog called Dry pot era (Changshoulu shop) address, phone, menu, price, Business hours, understanding frog frog called Dry pot era (Changshoulu shop) The latest discount coupons, user reviews information

(Tintin network provides you with the address, telephone and other information of frog Frog in Shanghai, called the Changshoulu Shop), the Frog Frog is known as the Dry Pot era (Changshoulu shop) is located in Shanghai, No. 139th Xinhui Road. Here you can see the users of Tintin net of frog Frog called the age of the dry pot (Changshoulu shop) reviews, promotional discounts around the information, the surrounding bus lines and a variety of life. You can also make a comment on Frog frog called the Dry Pot era (Changshoulu shop) to share your views. )

Analysis: in BD or GG search the same title, the first row, Ding Tintin ranked second, from the above title, comments on the title more accurate, Tintin's title repeated too many times,


Too long (only display 40 words or so), in search results can not be fully displayed, user search results experience is not friendly, and can not let users see the name of the site at a glance, for the brand site is very bad,

because the title and description of the large web site are generated by the program, the uniqueness of the title is very important to the search engine. In the title keyword density and search results friendly two aspects should be weighed, especially for large classified information sites, a lot of traffic is dependent on search engines, so the accuracy of search results, relevance, friendliness should be considered. So the title of Tintin Web improvement method can be so, three keywords, remove two duplicates, so that the search results can be displayed in the title of accuracy and friendliness are a good choice.

3 Website Overall architecture

Comment on the structure of the network is a tree-shaped, large-class navigation on the left, large categories under small categories, a step by step; and Tintin net function structure is formidable, homepage has two big class navigation, the big class under the molecular domain name, belongs to the tree structure to add the flat structure, this for the user, perhaps the user experience is better, but for the search engine speaking, it is laborious, Will affect the search engine on the site, because for large sites, a lot of content, effective pages if not be fully indexed by search engines, then there is no chance to rank, let alone SEO traffic. The information architecture of two stations is somewhat similar, and it can basically display the information classification completely.

4 website column and content optimization

Two website column is quite, Tintin net column more

Site Search page optimization, public comment H1 gave the search word, others did not, should be distributed some H tag tags to the search results title, Tintin nets H1 to the logo, this position can not put H tag, should be set up, H1 to search terms, h2 to large categories, H3 to the title of the search results, This is similar to the newspaper layout, so that the search engine to know what the subject content of the page. In the content page, the public comments network H1,H2,H4 label placement more reasonable. Tintin network in these label applications on some unreasonable, in Baidu search the same content, the public comments on top of the rankings, also illustrates this point. For large sites, many pages are through the template page to display content, the page repeated links are very many, and many links are not included in the value of the public comments on the site a search results page was nofollow off about 120 links, Tintin nets this aspect is not set. For millions, tens of thousands of sites in the content of the search results, a page to remove some of the value of the link, for search engines included in the site is very advantageous. Once in Google Blackboard, a Google engineer said so, crawl, included, ranking problems, can be classified as SE is how easy to crawl our site, the network World Unlimited, every day to produce new content, Google's resources are limited, it can only crawl and index a part of the network


5, Site Path

Public comment Network, the whole station URL static to do a better job, Tintin web URL a lot of not into static, so that the station will produce many different URLs, but the same content to point to the page. It is very bad for websites to be indexed by search engines. The two sites use a tree structure because of the large capacity. Comments on the network is a level of domain name, (;, Tintin network stations are used in the form of class two domain name:;



6, keyword density

The front page title, which contains the main keywords of the two sites, then now to see how a final page is set, (<title> Frog frog called the Dry Pot era (Changshoulu shop) coupons, address (map)-Shanghai-public Comment official website </title>

(<title> Frog Frog is called dry pot Age (Changshoulu shop) "Merchant Information |" Frog frog is called Dry pot era (Changshoulu shop) "Coupon |" Frog frog is called dry pot Age (Changshoulu shop) user reviews information-"Shanghai" Life-Tintin network </title),

Can be seen, Tintin network in the title appeared three times the same keyword, as long as the appearance of a very good content of the theme of the page, but also in search engine natural search results in the title can be fully displayed, for the position of this inch of gold, should be well grasped.

7, the overall site navigation

Two Web site navigation is very similar, there are some details of the location of breadcrumbs, in the search in the site navigation list, the review network will be categorized on the list, the user experience is very good, but Tintin online, if users find another small category, it is necessary to click once more. On the final page, the web site of bread crumbs is this set (city-district-road-small classification-title), but in the Ding ding net, bread crumbs is such (home-title), users may not find the way back. So it should be better to improve.





8, the site chain and outside the chain

Comments on the network, the structure of the tree-shaped structure, home-big class-small category and right hot category (inner chain)-Search list-final page, the final page has some relevant content and site ads as a link, there are some comments information, open the internal link of each category is very high, and is followed. The quality of the chain is relatively high.

Tintin NET, home-channel-category-community stickers, the channel is a new site, the content is very substantial, all links in the home page display. Internal links do a good job, but some posts open will appear duplicate links.

Tips: This article is Liu Yunwei original, division from push a founder, Blue Flame member Kun, Yuo Hao, Yuan Chuang, Liuzhing, reprint please keep this copyright information, QQ Group: 141988279 (SEO how scientific and technical), welcome to engage in search marketing, Network marketing Friends Exchange.



9, website program optimization

Comments Network Code compression is very close, this can reduce the size of the page. Speed up the speed of the Web page open, faster by the search engine capture faster, Tintin net home code does not make a reasonable compression. CSS and JS code out of this is necessary, but two of stations some code may be no way out, the page or some JS code. Review network authentication (one Errors, 2 warning (s)), Tintin Shanghai Station (312 Errors, 242 warning (s)),

Comments Net home nofollow off 24 chain, each find the search results list nofollow 125, look at the site search results add up to have 155,996 records, Each record nofollow5 a link with no value can get 779,980 links from the final page open from each search results page, you can nofollow out 50 links, 779980*50 get 38.999 million. These save the search engine a lot of time, for included is very important.

Look again at the bottom of the website code, most of the pages of valuable links are added Google Analytics code, tracking users on the site most of the behavior, through these data analysis, the site which products are in line with user needs, to improve the site. The second aspect, reviews in the Third-party platform technology application is very timely, such as Baidu's open platform, and Google's micro-format application, in some search results can give users a good experience, which is stronger than competing opponents.



Tintin Web search Results page There are many duplicate links, but did not pass the nofollow, the site's inclusion of the impact is very large. Especially for the home page has two links to enter the mouth, open the same content, this will let the search engine crawl again the same content, spend more time.

With the Lynx browser text browser to view the Ding Ding Net, the first page has 48 hidden links,

10, picture optimization

Reviews most of the pictures are with descriptive text.

Many channel pages in Tintin have no text in the picture. The picture description is to let the search engine understand the content of the picture in the webpage, and the picture is a very big content in the search engine.




Public comment on the web, whether it is content, or optimization, are doing a better job. The same type of site can learn the strengths, Tintin network in the optimization can learn to comment, Tintin Web content to do very well.

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