Public IC card phone stolen sound message station: The call amounted to 200,000 yuan

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Legal Daily correspondent Xu Zhong in 珺 luming legal daily reporter Zhang Qingchen stands in the street of the IC card phone emergent abnormal, daily call time to reach more than 10 hours, high day to 20 hours, and has been maintained in the call state.  In just a few days time, the call fee incredibly up to more than 200,000 yuan ...  Investigators found that the convenience of the facilities of the IC card phone booth has become the lawless elements to steal the sound of foreign voice platform tools.  Recently, Shandong province Yantai first theft public telephone case in the Zifu District People's court, two of the 4 defendants were sentenced to 12 years in prison for theft, the other two were sentenced to 4 years and 3 years. There's a mystery behind the surge in calls. "Yantai city, usually set up a public telephone units, have a network support Center, the center of the staff of the daily work is to monitor the telephone network.  The investigators told reporters. In the July 2008, several obscure digital changes in the telephone network caught the attention of the monitoring staff.  They found that from July 19, 2008, a large number of telephone calls to the field 3 long-distance numbers, resulting in the region's traffic and phone calls to surge.  After further understanding, the monitoring staff found that these 3 foreign numbers belong to a foreign information station, this information station is not an ordinary user phone, nor is it a commercial phone, charge more than the normal cost of the call is 10 times times even dozens of times times higher.  With professional sensitivity, detect "which may be another mystery" staff immediately to call the local telephone inquiries, and finally found the source of these long-distance calls, was actually from the Yantai District Street IC card public telephone. And then the results of the investigation deepened the suspicion of the monitoring staff ——— these calls did not form a valid statement on the IC card Public management platform, however, as the cost has been formed, according to the relevant provisions, to be set up when the international settlement of the IC public telephone units need to pay the other party settlement fee, and the other party to the international information platform for the payment of information fees, The establishment of IC public telephone units, because there is no valid statement has become the "ultimate victim", can not be deducted from the use of IC card fees.  The initial calculation, the establishment of IC public telephone unit losses of about 300,000 yuan.  Aware of the serious situation of the monitoring personnel immediately to the district police station reported the case.  July 29, 2008, the police received police in the urban area of 6 phone rack network waiting. 1 hours, 2 hours ...  8 hours later, suspicious person finally appeared: a young man riding a bicycle, to the police waiting for a public IC card phone booth side, about to look around, to carry an IC card inserted into the machine to start dialing, after the phone is ready to leave. On the face of it, the man seemed to be talking without success. The police cannot act rashly because the man's behavior cannot be ascertained. And almost at the same time, waiting for the police received the Communications company Monitoring Center staff Call, said the phone and outside in a state of communication. Just before the man turned and left, the police rushed forward to capture it ... However, in addition to the IC card and a piece of tinfoil, the man who dialed the phone didn't carry anything else. Facing the police interrogation, the man refused to admit, full face innocent.  Finally, the IC card phone in his call after the fact that kept the status of the call, let him down the head.  The man surnamed Zhang, he confessed that their gang a total of 4 people, are now in Shandong, the gang leader in Beijing. According to Zhang's account, the police quickly attack, within two days will be the other two suspects arrested.  January 8, 2009, another fugitive suspect was arrested. "Shifts" stolen to make "commission" 25-Year-old Zhang was originally a Gansu province Yumen a peasant. "Not long ago, I met a friend who was taught to steal the unattended pay phone," he said. Zhang MoU said, "later, that person also gave me 3 foreign voice message Taiwan number, let me every day must complete the telephone on the IC card 8 hours of call task, then, every 1000 minutes, he divided 30 yuan, I divide 50 yuan."  "In the face of such a rich way, Zhang called immediately to work in Beijing when a friend to know a high, in the phone, Zhang MoU eloquent, will be stolen dozen public telephones described as a rich" road.  In mid-July 2008, hit Zhang and Gao MoU in Yantai, began to look for "suitable" in the urban public telephone to do "test".  According to Zhang MoU, according to the steps, they will call the phone, put the handset on the phone booth phone, so that the phone has been maintained the status of the call, and then left, to the next public telephone.  After a few days of the casing, "experience" increasingly rich Zhang one of the two decided to "recruit", the official "opening".  Soon, 22-Year-old Xu and 23-Year-old Guo MoU also was "invited" to Yantai, became the criminal gang's other two members. In this way, Yantai City, a number of public telephone booth between a few busy shuttle figure.  But soon, a "business problem" was put in front of 4 of people.  Because they are virtual hang up the phone after the telephone, and this method is easy to be blown off by the wind or was not long ago to call the people hang up, in order to increase the call time, 4 people will keep "rushing". However, the distance between each public telephone is not close, gradually, several people on foot travel feel "difficult to do".  In order to improve the "work efficiency", Zhang an early settlement of 1000 yuan rebate, first bought a bicycle to solve the "traffic" problem. "When we have a bike, we start ' shifts '," he said.  Zhang explained.  "Tacit partner" in the Court of mutual responsibility although on weekdays, the group of 4 people to cooperate tacit understanding, but when the prosecution to the court on suspicion of theft, 4 people have launched a "buck" war. "It is not the amount of money that I make directly from the phone number, which is not included in my theft." "Once"The leader" Zhang MoU defends himself in this way. And high some proposed, from July 16, 2008 to 18th only with Zhang MoU together to test, its subjective no joint crime intentionally, its theft calls the crime amount should start from July 19, 2008 to calculate; and, July 25, because there is no "work", Therefore, the amount of the crime of this day should not be counted in the amount of the crime, "We 4 people steal the phone is a time period, so should be based on each person to steal the telephone time and telephone number of their own crime."  "Gao MoU's excuse and Zhang MoU has" similar place.  In addition, Gao MoU says, in the joint crime, oneself only plays the minor or the auxiliary function, the Department accessory, thus requests the Court to give the mitigation punishment. In response to their respective statements, the Court considered that, for the sake of illegal interests, 4 suspects knowingly use IC card phone without the telephone to steal the foreign telephone, causing economic loss to the injured unit, and its behavior has constituted the theft behavior, The amount of theft shall be calculated in accordance with the settlement costs and operating costs already paid by the injured unit. 4 people in different time period thief call, seek the benefit is according to 4 people to steal telephone calls and the basis, do not use the time or cost of personal theft to calculate its so-called "commission", and 4 of people in the crime are active, therefore, separate time theft call is only a joint crime of a method of cooperation, The amount of their participation in theft should not be calculated on the basis of the losses arising from their respective stolen calls, there is no part of the main accessory, so 4 people and their defenders on various grounds to calculate the personal theft of the telephone loss of the amount of theft, and should distinguish between the views of the main accessory is inconsistent with the facts, in the law, the Court does not support.
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