Public offering fund enters the "intensive consumption" period to continue the High-stakes gambling ST reorganization

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With the disclosure of more than half of the listed companies, public offering funds in the two quarter of the track also began to reveal gradually.  "The first financial daily" reporter rough statistics found that the two quarter public fund almost all in the intensive overweight consumption plate stocks. Intensive overweight consumer stocks early in the two quarter, the reporter visited the major fund companies to understand that shocks almost become all companies for the two quarterly market judgment, and consumer stocks will devote more energy.  According to the current data disclosed by listed companies, it seems that the major fund management companies in the two quarter is really "crazy consumption." "We have in the two-quarter intensive increase in a lot of consumer sector stocks, from the current income is good, and the next period of time consumer stocks will remain the focus of our layout." "A fund company with a good performance this year in Shanghai said to reporters.  Indeed, the big fund managers are piling into the list of retail-sector companies. such as the Silver Schroeder two quarter to buy friendly group, 3 of its funds in two quarters of this year heavy warehouse to kill into, as at the end of the two quarter, the Silver Schroeder Prudent Fund, the Bank of Schroeder Growth Fund, the Bank of the Schroeder Blue-chip fund total holding more than 15.3 million shares.  Friendly groups have risen 33.21% since the two quarter as of Friday. The Soochow fund continued its "drink and medicine" in the two quarter. In the case of ancient well gong, there are two funds of the Soochow fund ranked among the top ten circulating stock shareholders. Among them, the East Wu value growth double power holds 4.8411 million shares, the east Wu Jiawou superiority Select holds 1.9162 million shares.  East Wu Fund related personage 22nd said to the reporter, still bullish gu well gong in the future a period of stock price trend. In addition, the Galaxy Silver Taihe Tianhong Select also holds the ancient well gong 3.3449 million shares and 2.7293 million shares. It is noteworthy that the ancient well gong in the two quarter when the market shock downward still rose 8.32%.  According to the East Wu Fund, it did not sell, and gong in the three quarter since the stock price soared to 63.97 Yuan high, the three quarter has risen by 34.07%, so that the fund can be made comfortable.  Bet St restructuring from the current ST-type listed companies half a year report can be seen, public offering funds gamble its restructuring practices in this year is still continued. Wind statistics show that the six-year report has been disclosed in the St-type listed companies, there are 13 of the top ten circulating shares in the list of shareholders in the public offering fund figure.  Among them, *st South, *st North and *st for the fund total shareholding significantly increased shares, the increase in the previous period of 279.14%, 63.21% and 48.94% respectively.  It is noteworthy that the Cathay Fund management company's six funds at the same time together St Dongyuan, the Fund gamble restructuring interpretation incisively and vividly. In addition, Cathay's two funds also appeared in *st, the top ten circulating shareholders in the south.
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