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Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall

With the development of the Site Diagnostics section, to diagnose the type of site is more and more, it is a variety of everything. Today to see a more special, name network.

Landlord questions: Content: Mainly to provide name advisory services, including baby name, baby name, personal name.

URL: 86 Name network http://www.86name.com/

Website Type: Name website

Site positioning: For all who need to name

To consult the problem: the main traffic is not going. Need to consult some methods (but not including the way to cheat)

Other: Web site more than half a year, the flow is not going to be a big problem I am facing, I hope to push a forum network everyone carefully analyzed.

Kun: Look at your station, positioning is very good, content is also very rich, it should be said to be very attractive. According to you said the flow of the problem, personal feeling in addition to promotion, mainly because your site structure is unreasonable. The commercial atmosphere is too strong, too eager to make money. The results overwhelm the user's most wanted information. Imagine, a mall, who will stay in the inside? So I give you the following suggestions: Tips: This article is a member of the Kun (pot) to organize the original, want to see more articles please search for a push or Kun column, reprint, please retain this copyright information.

1, free name of the module to be placed in a conspicuous position, to vigorously promote, this is certainly popular, very convenient service. If you can, add some online dream, batch of function modules.

2, surnames, childcare, national studies and other columns, placed in the upper navigation bar. These are the most attractive users, the most sticky content. We are now in the navigation bar of those commercial columns, to merge to a large channel, leave a link entry on the line.

3, the home page floated to the Customer Service dialog box to remove it, too affect the user experience, so that people have an old want to close the idea of the site.

4, if possible, the whole station content replaced static page it.

5, optimize the page, such as column page, content page, so that the chain more, content and content of the relationship between the strong, so that users will be willing to come to your station.

6, as far as possible to make a website for public welfare. I mean at least it looks like your website is not commercial, it is a portal of the name culture class completely. So that users can trust you. Opinion!

The promotion aspect gives you the following suggestions.

1, increase the intensity of SEO. Especially we such a station, itself does not have what too good promotion point, so SEO is particularly important.

2, create a website hero. Believe that some people who want to spend money to find a name, must be looking for experts. So build your heroes, see some of your site experts, but light their own said no, but also hype. The best way is to write articles. Let these people write articles, and then send to the major forums, websites, if you can log on to some portals of the constellation Channel is best.

3, to a number of targeted groups of the forum. For example, some parent-child forum, which probably named more, then you can go there to register. Combined with the 2nd article, many articles, improve their visibility, hype themselves.

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