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Absrtact: The exchange traffic of stationmaster will become more convenient. Beijing Percentile Information Technology Co., Ltd. (percentage point) has introduced a personalized recommendation technology based on the information recommendation engine tools, push beans. This tool for the webmaster to build a new flow exchange platform,

Webmaster Exchange traffic will become more convenient. Beijing Percentile Information Technology Co., Ltd. ("percentage points") has launched a recommendation based on personalized recommendation engine tools, push beans. The tool for the webmaster set up a new flow exchange platform, through the flow of exchange, the webmaster no longer need to rely too much on the search engine to bring traffic.

Personalized recommendation tool for Webmaster to solve the site high bounce rate problem, increase the PV capacity of the website, push the beans to rely on the percentage of the company's strong personalized recommendation technology, through the reader's interest map, content relevance, article heat and so on multi-dimensional calculation of the reader and article matching degree, to achieve accurate content recommendations, increase the exposure of long tail articles To provide readers with a more comfortable reading experience.

Push beans only need to add a line of code, you can realize the intelligent flow between you and the site Exchange, and support WordPress, Discuzl, Dedecms and other mainstream open source Web site architecture also supports code installation. Key words, embedded, suspended layer, tag cloud, personalized recommendation List 5 recommended ways can be customized for different web styles.

For the webmaster, the biggest problem is the site traffic is not enough and the user conversion rate in the station is low, traffic union is the most convenient way to obtain traffic. Traffic Union is also known as Flow Exchange Alliance, Exchange chain, refers to a number of sites into a site group, site groups of each webmaster in their own site links to other sites, so that visitors to visit this site directly through the link to other sites, to achieve mutual exchange of traffic purposes.

The emergence of the flow of the alliance to let the webmaster out of the "rely on friends" point to point of communication, stationmaster of the flow of the Union's hot hold also led to the emergence of some false alliances. Beijing Percentile Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "percentage points") CEO Berlinson said: "Some flow of the union through the brush flow to deceive, this false flow of traffic union 70% are false traffic, there are some high prices to attract the webmaster, the settlement was refused for various reasons." ”

Berlinson said: "Push peas is not just a personalized recommendation tool, a powerful flow exchange platform for the webmaster to build online communication channels to facilitate and improve the efficiency of the exchange of traffic." Through the flow of exchange, the webmaster no longer rely too much on the search engine to bring the flow, but also according to the content of the site has a selective choice of Exchange objects. Its rich report can let the owner of the exchange of traffic at any time tracking, so that the webmaster clearly know the flow of access, such as traffic to which sites, which sites for their own contribution to the flow of traffic, this flow of exchange methods to make the webmaster exchanges become more transparent. ”

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