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People send nicknames "Food Association President" B Jun, has always been to eat, eat, understand food. He not only has a lot to eat, but also has a passion and interest in taking photo app. And before each meal, he must have taken out his cell phone and framed a 45-degree or 90-degree oblique view of the grilled pork, salted chili spicy chicken and so on at the table, all of them Take it down and send it to social networks to tempt your buddies. However, B Jun found: food photos are not attractive to take pictures, and triggered the praise and praise number is closely related. The goodies in front of them are good-looking, tasty, and not too tempting to shoot pictures that tempt others. So, there are a lot of camera software in his cell phone, just to find a color, easy to use, for any type of photos and video applications are applicable, but has no favorite choice ..... .

Until the use of a friend recommended pushpin, it is said that the latest version v7.6 added a lot of new filters, including a called "gluttonous" filter, is specially prepared for such gluttonous. Download and install a try, and sure enough, after the "gluttonous" photos, both in their own community pushpin, or in the circle of friends, we have to praise. Ask where you can eat these delicious? What is the camera software can shoot so attractive? The results can be imagined, B-jun dinner constantly, my friends are particularly willing to dinner with him.

As the largest sharing community in China, the statistics show that food, beauty and beauty are the three most frequently photographed and shared photos and videos of thumbnail community users.

As Alan Tropic of the English Talents said: "At the moment of encounter with the United States, we have a strong impulse, a desire to hold it; let it be our own and It has become a pivotal part of your life. "The desire for beauty, none of us can escape. And when we capture the beauty in some way, we can not wait to let others know: "That beauty is so important to me that I was there, with that beauty." Thumbtack v7.6 The new filter is undoubtedly the further refinement and development of the United States.

In addition to "gluttonous", the new filter also includes:

l Rainbow: After using the filter, the original dull photos and videos will be instantly given the rainbow-like luster; originally dull mood, will become Yue move.

l Blues: sea and sky blue, bring up the most harmonious elements of the picture, increase the mysterious atmosphere.

Thunderstorm: Sometimes, do not need too much color, simplified to complex, with lines and composition of the language, reflecting the vintage etching engraving-like expressive power.

The above three filters, more emphasis on the expression of mentality and emotions. The next three filters are different, quite different.

l Oil Painting: If the photos of Thunderstorm are printed like prints, then this filter is at a glance. Processed photos, showing a soft texture and delicate colors, like a well-painted painting.

Fish eye: In the field of professional photography, fish eye lens is a very special kind of equipment. The use of fisheye lens shooting landscape, a more intense sense of space, the momentum has become very grand; if it is indoors in a narrow environment, fisheye can make a broader space, with a very strong magnification deformation, strong sense of perspective convergence. Thumbtack this new filter, so that is not a professional photographer you can also shoot more unique beauty, access to a new perspective.

l Travel: B Jun mentioned above, not only eat, but also love to travel. After trying out the "Travel" filter in pin v7.6, he found: Thumbtacks will be marked "IM HERE TRAVEL" logo in the lower right corner of the photo, re-marked with the city name, left for travel Footprints and traces, more memorable. At the same time, a beautiful landscape photo, instantly become tall up.

Thumbtack v7.6 not only added several filters, the original filter has also been fully optimized, each one emphasizes its own unique features, adapt to the user's different mood and experience. Filters do no better, for push-to-shoot sharing community, it is just as a community application of the instrumental function, but nevertheless, the filter is good enough to do, is a pushpin for each version will be carried out Optimize your work.

In addition, the thumbtack community is often combined with the current hot spots, planning a variety of fresh and interesting activities. In addition to the addition of seven kinds of filters, the pin 7.6 version there are two active filters: "summer summer" and "World Cup", they have their own mysterious egg, want to know what is it? Hurry to download a try it!

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