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Internet "pornography" action has been upgraded to all sites in the country, including yesterday I received a message from Love name Network said that the domestic registration of the domain name must be filed before can be resolved to see the network renovation turmoil continues. Before writing this blog, I chatted with several IDC friends for a while, and asked them about their recent situation, they told me it was not ready to open the server recently, mainly to maintain and strictly check the illegal information. They are like our webmaster, busy with the site backup and moving, very tired, very busy.

Grassroots webmaster including ambitious university students, can not find the job of graduates, there are many because of low wages to do one or two of the site to survive the staff, it may be said that the network to many of us to bring hope and vision, but also to bring a dream of entrepreneurship, whether it is, or a The success of personal webmaster are we struggle idol, we worship for this, because we also have a dream-to do a grassroots webmaster achievements. Let our website be a household name in a certain area.

Our grassroots webmaster every morning to do is to open their own web site can be opened, site is not by K, see the keyword is not still in, if it is, we are very happy this day, if not, we roll anti-side, we grassroots webmaster in the current situation how to survive, This should be a lot of our people need to discuss, but also a lot of people confused. We see a large and small site is closed, the webmaster is also "missing", a lot of grassroots owners are complaining, but we have not seen a point, some formal, large webmaster are in cultivation, not so impetuous. This is the difference between the big stationmaster and the small grass root. How we come out of the grassroots, Qangel think because of doing the following things:

First, mentality. The difference between the big stationmaster and the small stationmaster is the mentality, any policy of the country we must support, because the big environment so, we cannot change, we only change only ourselves. The internet needs to be remediation, there are many black industry chain or bad Web site affect our life and environment, we need to repair. It is not surprising that the website that affects our long station, we need to face. We should cooperate with this action, do a good job of website record and backup, need to do legitimate and reasonable. You see, the big stationmaster has not come out to complain.

Second, stick to your website. Website needs to insist, short-term profiteering, grazing is not long. We need to do a regular website, do a good job. Any illegal web site is short term for itself, and it will be on its own.

Third, adhere to is the sun. We need to see hope in the process, and we have to seize this opportunity. Grassroots webmaster is flexible, with many companies do not have the advantage of many sites are closed, many sites are affected, which is an opportunity for us, we can see what we need to do, what can be done, what cannot be done.

Wish you 2010, website traffic rose.

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