Qantas Airways oil spill before Take-off Feng Xiaogang: Five lives were picked up

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Our News (reporter Han Dapeng) "My life is really big, take the Qantas just to accelerate Take-off, the right wing suddenly outward fuel injection." "Yesterday afternoon, an air Macau airliner in the capital airport ready to take off, the right wing at the bottom of the oil spill phenomenon." The director of Feng Xiaogang, who had just been burned to the studio, happened to be one of the passengers on the flight. After the incident, Feng guide micro bo blasting material.  The airline confirmed the matter. Yesterday 5:35 P.M., Feng Xiaogang said in his microblog, the Macao Airlines NX001 flight on the runway just to accelerate the Take-off, the right wing at the bottom of the sudden emergence of fuel injection phenomenon, "spray very fierce." After the incident, all passengers on board the emergency evacuation.  Weibo, Feng fortunately aircraft fault was found in time, and said "picked up the borns five lives." After the incident two hours later, Feng also spoke in micro-blog: "The plane was a thrilling scene, the state sits next to me, the performance is very calm, a resigned look at the magazine, I also read the magazine, both people pretended to be very calm." A cabin two people to tell the truth: really hanging! The state says he's a chihuahua. 8 O'Clock last evening, the reporter arrived at the capital Airport T3 terminal building. The desk staff said that yesterday, only one of the air Macau plane to Macao, the flight number is NX001. The flight was due to take off 4:10 P.M. yesterday, because of the special circumstances delay, no cancellation of the flight instructions.  The gate inspector said that the passengers of the NX001 flight had all passed through security and no passengers had come out. Macao Airlines staff at the capital Airport said the NX001 flight did appear to be leaking oil. The aircraft model is Airbus A321, up to 220 passengers, "less than 200 passengers on this flight." When the plane took off, the right wing of the oil spill failure, the first time the crew and the airport tower contact, the Take-off process was terminated. The staff said the plane was tested before takeoff and found no problems, and staff were investigating the reasons for the oil spill. After the incident, repair personnel to the aircraft overhaul, and then after a number of tests, confirmed the correct contact with the airport, and was approved to take off again, preliminary determination of departure time for last night 11:30 P.M..  In addition, the airline has provided dinner for passengers at 8 o'clock in the evening, at present, the passengers are in a stable mood, there is no refund phenomenon. Capital Airport News Center said that the accident did not bring any impact on the airfield, the airport running normal runway. Under normal circumstances, the aircraft in the Take-off failure, the crew can subjectively judge the size of the accident, choose the aircraft back to the original position or into the repair shop.
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