Qi Jia Net home network to go Pinyin Route 13-year-old Domain name jia.com

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January 4, 2012, it is reported that, after a single spell domain name guang.com operation of the establishment of the station, a single new application of the domain name, recently qi Jia Network's home network to enable the "home" single domain name jia.com domain name online operation.


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Jia is home, Jia, a, price and other Chinese pinyin, jia.com domain name application is wider, Whois learned that the domain name in July 1998 registered, more than 13 registered history, has a good time value, the Chinese for Pinyin domain name is very favorite, home jia.cn/.com.cn/.net and other domain names early in the hands of others.


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With such a high commercial value of the jia.com domain name, will be the net registration? Baidu Search learned that jia.com domain name in the early days of the overseas domain name platform, guess at that time should be the department of Rice farmers hold, today in the jia.com domain name information, the domain name of the latest change in last November, the estimated should be tied to the home network November acquisition.

Qi Jia Network tg.com.cn is the leading domestic decoration, building materials, home E-commerce site, the jia.com of the traditional decoration of the company to introduce the Internet, the use of rich business resources, to provide advice on home decoration, communication, Shopping guide, display. For each customer's different needs, to provide a complete set of custom decoration services.

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