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Shenzhen Special Economic Zone newspaper Shanghai June 16 (Ma Xinfang) reporter from Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical supervision, the Bureau yesterday released a special supervision of the Shanghai production area of pastry products inspection results, in the unqualified product list, hundred years old Joe Grille, Shen da into each have a batch of cakes unexpectedly on the black list. It is understood that the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision recently to the city's pastry products for special surveillance spot checks, a total of 129 batches of products. Results 7 batches of products were judged as unqualified because of mould count, Sls acid, colony Total, dehydrogenation of acetic acid, aluminum residue and antiseptic exceeding standard. Among them, Shanghai Qiao Jia Zha Food Development Co., Ltd. Food factory production of Gao Zhuang steamed bread in dehydrogenation of acetic acid, aluminum residue detection does not meet the standard limit value. Shanghai Shen da Cheng Food Co., Ltd. produced black rice cake (hot processing) was detected mold count, the total number of colonies exceeded.
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