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Last night with a webmaster friend chat, he said he spent 240 yuan this month to buy the link, because he saw the site recently rose to the second to third page, feeling good momentum, so want to try to buy links to quickly improve the site rankings. Since the last Google official said later no longer update the PR value, Baidu during this period also on the sale of links to the behavior of the attack, some bought a link to the site generally drop the right, the ranking plummeted. So many webmaster no longer believe the effect of these links, so at that time the link business fell into the trough. Can be about two months ago one day, Google PR value suddenly came back, this time about Baidu to combat the behavior of the link and no voice, link business for a time and have the market, those who rely on the link to eat the company or individual and see the hope of life.

Especially in recent days, almost every day can receive some QQ to sell what gold chain package such information, see now trading links business again fire, should say buy link effect is some, otherwise this business will not survive, But is not all the site wants to improve the fastest shortcut is to spend money to buy high PR value of the link it? Qingdao SEO believes that links do have an effect, but not long-term, it is like drugs, often buy addictive, and site rankings difficult to get long-term stability. The reason is, to buy links to the site a variety of sites, some even by search engines to determine the illegality of the site (such as SF, sq station), if the station is punished is bound to your site will also be affected; second, linked sites are generally frequent increase or revocation of the above links, such as how the site can guarantee a good effect, Search engines will not be too friendly to it, there is, this by selling links to the site usually poor content of the site; now sell the link is mainly to see Google PR value, the higher the PR value, but at present we improve the ranking of the site is mainly to see Baidu, traffic mainly from Baidu, So even if you buy a link can not rely on Google's PR value is not high to make decisions, should be integrated analysis of its sales link weight of the site.

Qingdao SEO about Buy links Suggestions:

1, links can buy, Qingdao SEO has also bought a link, but I buy links are to go to Taobao to find that kind of personal webmaster sales links, because they are not the main link business, the PR value is not too high, I do not care, mainly to see whether the site can be kept updated daily, with my site is relevant, or how the site rankings, Snapshot is not often updated, the above export link is not too much, although it is not easy to find such links, but to buy this link more down-to-earth, generally will not be judged by search engines for cheating.

2, can not buy then do not buy. The main site ranking or relying on high-quality original content to win, only rely on links without content, it is difficult to obtain a stable ranking, every day to take a little time to do a bit of hard to do links, improve the site ranking is actually very fast, the key is to adhere to.

3, it is better to buy the link of the investment in the content. Each month to take out 100-200 yuan, to pig such a platform to buy original articles, such a site ranking is long-term stability.

Links can buy, but must moderate, the site's ranking and future survival must not rely on the purchase of links to complete, so do the site of people who can quickly succeed, this is clearly contrary to the requirements of search engines, but also against the vast number of webmaster personal true will. This article by the Qingdao SEO (http://www.y7f8.net) original share, reprint please retain the author copyright, thanks.

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