Qingdao Webmaster Meeting: Stationmaster is not a person in the fight

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April 3, was fortunate to participate in the 2010 Shandong Internet Webmaster Conference held in Qingdao, the conference by the Qingdao Loan Network (www.119ser.cn) hosted by the Webmaster Network (www.admin5.com), and has been the domestic internet well-known media and webmaster's strong support and publicity, Also invited a lot of internet industry celebrities as guests. This Congress to "explore the local Web site operation experience to share E-commerce management" as the theme, as the basic principle and guiding ideology of the General Assembly, the aim is to better comb the development of the Internet industry in Shandong, to promote the healthy development of the local Internet industry, to integrate industry resources, to develop good contacts and to strengthen communication and cooperation in the field of Internet, Create a good network development environment, hope that through this conference can let more industry colleagues together, positive communication and common progress.

The participants in the Conference are personal webmaster circles and the internet industry celebrities, have webmaster network map king, Tesco Network Zhang, Yan Huang network old k, well-known grassroots webmaster Jijun, Dnspod Wu Hongshong, Taobao and network accommodation technology representatives as well as Jiaonan Port, Yantai Forum, search car network, such as Shandong Province well-known personal site webmaster. Meeting, several guests have made a wonderful speech, and the participants to explore the Internet development plan. The General Assembly responded warmly, not only is the guest of speech, the webmaster of the station also most feel the idea is still not exhausted, can say that the conference held very successful. Although the qingming before and after warm, the island of the seaside in the sea breeze blowing still some cold, but has been scattered silk spring. It should be said that Qingdao as the eastern coastal developed cities, but also the famous tourist city, the real economy developed, the Internet industry should develop rapidly, but the actual situation is not so, listen to the local webmaster revealed, such as the size of the Webmaster conference in Qingdao is the first time, Qingdao local general enthusiasm for the internet There may be a few big portal sites, but personal website development is not satisfactory, the Conference held a very good active Qingdao local Internet industry atmosphere, led the personal webmaster development enthusiasm, hope to be able to hold more similar meetings.

This conference most let me feel deeply is the enthusiasm of stationmaster is not because of the recent bad of Internet environment and decrease, but have a kind of unabated momentum. 2009, is the Internet prosperity and development, the opportunity of a year, but also to the end of the policy crisis, entrepreneurial environment gradually bad year. The crisis and the opportunity coexist is 09 the internet biggest characteristic, early 2010, in experienced the large-scale network remediation, the CN domain name storm, the website "The White list", the scene photograph record and so on ups and downs baptism's Internet lets many individual stationmaster be at a loss, does not know how the road ahead moves. Personal stationmaster should do what station? Where is the way out? Seems to have become the majority of webmaster have to ponder the problem. At ordinary times on the network will see the grassroots webmaster because of the poor network environment, complaining repeatedly, pessimistic despair, but also worried about this webmaster General Assembly because of environmental bad webmaster do station enthusiasm for the decline and other reasons and silence, but the actual situation is the opposite. On the contrary, let the author think it is the bad entrepreneurial environment has stimulated the enthusiasm of the webmaster discussion, there will be some webmaster complaints of such a meeting, there is nothing valuable, but this conference, see is the stage of passionate speech guests and the audience attentively to listen to the webmaster. Have to take notes, there are raise their hands to ask questions, perhaps, stationmaster all hope to take this opportunity to let these successful people on the internet can impart some ideas and methods to tide over the difficulties.

What websites to do, how to do, choose what kind of domain name, how to locate, the General Assembly of the King's Speech on the present environment is very good answer to these questions, long time not in the Webmaster General Assembly appearance of the graph this rare attendance, is also the first speech, is the largest speech. Believe that the grassroots stationmaster's survival problem, nobody is more worried than the king figure. Grassroots webmaster started, and grassroots webmaster for the user to founder of the network of Wang, rooted in the grassroots stationmaster, relying on grassroots webmaster and development, know dependent truth, the survival of the grassroots webmaster also related to the existence of the webmaster network. Remember the beginning of the network renovation, some webmaster said remediation of the grassroots webmaster, but cheap a5,chinaz these sites, in fact, no matter when, they are inseparable from the grassroots webmaster This special user groups, grassroots owners of the prosperity is their prosperity. So grassroots webmaster in the internet in the cold winter, is not a person in the fight against the cold, whether the webmaster, or rely on the development of the site owners of those sites, you all have the same front, in the difficult times, are in synergy to do the station. This time the webmaster meeting, is a webmaster and webmaster, webmaster and industry leaders of the junction, help each other, to discuss development plans.

In addition, the Tesco network Zhang in the conference speech also let a person remember deeply. Graduated from Nankai University Zhang should be said to be a top student, has set up the Palm Show, Tesco and other well-known websites, in the webmaster ring well-known high. In the conference, he told how to know the king, and how to turn 1000 to 10 million of the entrepreneurial story, but also true is very legendary. He summed up at the end of a very concise sentence, meaning is very profound, but also a good interpretation of the title of this article, grassroots webmaster is not a person in the fight. Zhang the final summary of the time that "rich people spend together, money, more and more." "This sentence is very simple, but very classic esoteric, the Internet's most important spirit is to share, when you know and others to share their experience, to help others progress together, then others will come back to help you." Even if you can not be able to fight alone, there will always be a time for people, you must help others, share with others, then when you need help to get more. In particular, grassroots webmaster, its own weak, and like singles alone, in the Internet transformation and escalation of the general trend, more and more fierce competition today, to be a lone Ranger has not been feasible. Famous personal webmaster Jijun Although has been a personal station, singles alone, but he did not forget to share with others, and always perseverance to participate in the Webmaster conference, both made friends, and learned the experience of others. So say, in the stationmaster circle, webmaster to learn to share with others, more than one friend also a way out, there is a way to make money with others to share, with others to make money, so not only will not endanger your interests, on the contrary, will allow you to make more money in the future development.

Perhaps the current internet is like the sea of Qingdao, although it is beautiful, but the waves. The stationmaster only holds the regiment development, the mutual aid sharing, can break through the dangers. (Text/triumphantly)

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