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This time saw some of the SEO effect of some articles, feel that SEO is not just the site of the keyword ranked search engine better location. Let's think about it in our exchange position, what is the purpose of the customer's website to do SEO. In fact, most customers are not only to achieve the forefront of search engines, but are willing to invest in SEO, through SEO to obtain returns.

Quanzhou seo think SEO is not only ranked optimization and more is to achieve user conversion rate, only the user conversion rate increase, SEO market will be more and more big. Quanzhou SEO Here is a simple analysis of some of the problems of user conversion rate.

First, search for target keyword

In order to do a good job of user conversion rate Seoer will choose the most suitable keyword for the customer, enumerate an example: Before Quanzhou customer give me the key word is "Quanzhou Western food joins", but "the Western food joins" the scope is too wide, and cannot reflect their main business very well, later I discussed with the customer to help him to develop "Quanzhou Hamburg to join" , this keyword on Baidu home also has half a year, although the site's click rate is not very high, search "Quanzhou Hamburg to join" The user is not a lot, a period of time before the customer reflects that someone through the site to join him, the customer is to find "Quanzhou Hamburg to join" customers themselves are also Quanzhou people, to the store after the actual visit to the business talk down.

I personally think that the keyword is not a lot of search is good, but "fine" only to help customers choose the most appropriate keyword is the most important SEO work place.

Second, user experience and interaction

keyword in the choice of more refined, the user is browsing our site what we need to convert customers into our potential customers? First check the web design, website design to be unique, beautiful simple method generous, to meet the visual requirements of visitors, and can quickly highlight the keyword and site matching. This can increase the user experience, if the site can add some small interaction can also increase the impression of the site visitors, so that visitors to the chances of turning into a potential customer will increase.

Third, visitor transformation

This is to do SEO the most important, the company do SEO is the hope that the key word flow into business volume.

Companies are through a number of query tools query Search keywords of the proportion of visitors, customer inquiries, contact volume, volume. Only when traffic and visitor participation become the measure of success of SEO projects, the transformation of statistical search is more important. If SEO can help customers convert visitors to customers I think more people will do seo,seo market will be more and more big.

About the user conversion rate of this knowledge to learn a lot more, I hope to see more about the user conversion rate of the relevant articles are also welcome to share with me the user conversion rate problem. My blog Quanzhou seo (www.qzseo.org)

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