Query SQL statement with date added

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Query SQL statement with date added
This is an SQL statement about the date added to the MSSQL access, which provides a large number of functions for the database tutorial date operation, and today our date is added using the DateAdd function for instance.

Method one stored procedure

declare @kp table ([id] int,[ys] int,[syrq] datetime)
Insert @kp
Select 1,2, ' 2008-08-08 ' UNION ALL
Select 2,3, ' 2008-09-01 ' UNION ALL
Select 3, 33, ' 2008-08-11 '

Select Id,dateadd (MONTH,YS,SYRQ) as Syrq from @kp

Method two simple query statements

Select DATEADD (Month,cast (ys as int), SYRQ) as new date from KP
Method three DateAdd function date added

DATEADD (d,5, "2008-08-08")

DATEADD (d,5, "2008-08-08")

Sqlstr= "SELECT * from table where Time field =dateadd (d,5, ' 2008-08-08 ')"

Select DATEADD (D,5,cast (' 2008-08-08 ' as datetime)
Select cast (' 2008-08-08 ' as datetime)

2008-08-13 00:00:00.000
2008-08-08 00:00:00.000
Look at the date add SQL instance

Use pubs
Select DateAdd (days, pubdate) as timeframe
from titles
DateAdd function returns a date containing a   Variant (date), which adds a time interval. The syntax DateAdd (interval, number, date) has the following named parameters in the DATEADD function syntax: Partial description interval necessary.   string expression, which is the time interval to add. Number is necessary. Numeric expression, which is the number of time intervals to add.   The value can be positive (get a future date), or it can be negative (get past date). Date necessary.   Variant (date) or text that represents a date, plus a time interval. Setting the interval parameter has the following set of values: Set description yyyy year Q quarter m month y a year day number d days of the week of the WW weekly hh n minutes S

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