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All said "outside the chain for the emperor", the foot can be seen outside the chain for the importance of the site. However, how can the rapid growth of the chain, how to increase high-quality outside the chain has become a lot of webmaster problems. The author from today, and you share some quick to create high-quality outside the chain of techniques, today, first from the West Shrine Hutong.

The West Shrine Hutong is a large local forum that covers almost all of the city's forums. Post with the forum, advertising to do outside the chain is not uncommon, but now a little bit of the scale of the forum are very strict management, do not say that the bulk of the chain, to keep a post is very difficult. However, the West Shrine Hutong has many unique conditions, as long as the operation properly, the rapid use of the West Shrine Alley to create a large number of high-quality outside the chain is not difficult. The author then said in the West Shrine Alley to do the benefits of the chain.

First, the West Shrine Hutong high weight, included fast.

West Shrine Alley Weight is very high, Pr7,alexa ranked 1281, Baidu total included more than 60 million, 24 hours included more than 6 million. Because of the super high weight of the West Shrine Hutong, its internal page weight is naturally rising, included also very quickly. Is it really that good?

I did a small experiment: a new discussion version, from the Internet casually copied an article, inserted in the article website URL, content unchanged, just change the title, sent more than 10 articles such as this. According to Baidu's custom, this whole copy of the article should be dismissive, and the author did not leave this plate anywhere outside the chain. But the next day a view, found that the home page, articles are included, the snapshot shows is the night before. It can be seen that the West Shrine Alley is really a good place to build the chain. In fact, the post can not only get outside the chain, the post itself can get a good ranking, we can try.

Second, the West Shrine Hutong High Authority, easy to send ads.

Of course, the weight of high, included fast forum Many is, why the West Shrine Alley suitable for hair outside the chain? The answer is simple: The West Shrine Hutong is easy to send, do not delete post. Of course, in the West Shrine Alley Post, will prompt "without moderator permission, advertisers, the consequences of their own." Indeed, the West Shrine Alley also has a strict management system, but moderators have a lot of authority.

In the West Shrine Alley, as long as through a simple authentication to become a real netizen, you have the right to create the plate, that is, become a moderator. As a moderator, in their own plate casually post naturally is unrestricted. Different from the Baidu bar is always deleted with links to the post, in the West Shrine Hutong as long as the value of the moderator basically do not have to worry about this problem, so said in the West Shrine Alley to send ads easy.

Of course, in order to achieve our goal of quickly creating high quality chain, we can not simply copy and paste. Here I share a few tips:

1. Select cities to choose the most popular cities. Since the West Shrine Hutong is a local forum, choosing a big city is more beneficial to the collection. such as Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities, because of the information, spiders crawl and update more frequently.

2. Select the section to pick and the content of the site similar. "The relevance is not high outside the chain is not good outside the chain", select a content topic close to the classification of the proposed plate, can effectively enhance the weight of the post, thereby improving the quality of the chain.

3. Artificial hair can indeed grow a lot of outside the chain, but if the idea of a little expansion, it is not difficult to think of, you can use software to carry out collection and release, this can grow a large number of outside the chain. Of course, every day to have degrees, and for the seal number, but also a regular replacement of IP and account. As to how the effect of this, it is waiting for everyone to explore their own.

Using the Western Ancestral alley to do the chain is a good way, but if only limited to this, it will not be a master. If you can go from there, then you have a big step in the SEO path. Finally, Taobao e-cigarette (http://www.dzsmoke.com) wish you all the high-quality site of the chain can be like sesame blossom-high!

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