"Quit smoking, don't stop drinking" to show the secret Shimao return to cinema

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"Quit smoking does not stop drinking" poster Shimao self-proclaimed "male version lala" Chosenliang DIY woman outfit "family Cook" Shimao Sina Entertainment News Shimao Director debut, Guang Junmei, Peisi, Yang Gongru, Ying-da jointly starring the whole family of joy play "Quit smoking Not Temperance" will be officially released in the country lunar. As a return to the cinema of sincerity, Shimao in addition to inviting gold partner Peisi out of the mountain, but also invited to Liang, Nan, such as a group of Star Shadow, this set comedy, nostalgia, fashion, career in a big lunar festival drama, as Shimao I said, "thin filling full of skin, the absolute value of the ticket back!" "Comedy return:" The golden Partner again out of the lake two show like watching the gala as the film "Quit smoking Not sober" The main element, the film is the most important comedy. and Shimao and Peisi "seclusion" for the first time after years of cooperation, but also to the gold partner's comeback focused countless eyes. And Shimao also said, "We do not on the Spring Festival gala, so also can give all the audience." "Although in this play the two people's cooperation only a few short scenes, but also enough to let the audience aftertaste two people's former style." In the "Quit smoking", Peisi or "as the cunning image of the past", playing a black intermediary, and Shimao in the play became "compromise", let the Peisi of the teasing run and helpless. To this peisi smile said: "Originally I because of the schedule reason can't play this drama, but hear this role when very like, before let old Mao bully me so many years, finally have let me ' revenge ' opportunity, that still don't hurry to AH?" "Not only that, even sister Yang Gongru is also the brothers ' fans ':" Originally the two scenes of the day I only have a play, but hear is Peisi teacher back, I also advance to the set, see two teachers play together scene, like in the scene to see the Spring Festival Gala sketch. "Nostalgia Classic: Shimao friends to join the luxury lineup to build" vintage wine "in addition to Peisi and Shimao this to the many expectations of the combination, as the director of the Shimao of an old friend, Nan, Liang, Yu Yong, Liu Hui, Liu Yazin, and so on more than 20 stars have come to save old Mao. Thin a few, these actors are not the 90 generation of the all-powerful generation of big shots, so when these stars gathered a hall to "quit smoking does not stop drinking" brought a hint of nostalgia atmosphere. According to director Shimao, "I invited these actors, on the one hand because these are my good friends, on the other hand also want to show the audience our comedy style." "Today's spoof-like fake comedy flooded, so that the original very popular domestic comedy has suddenly become the focus of the debate, and Shimao and veteran star of the return of the hand is to announce to the public" comedy is the case. Feng Xiaogang, who has seen the film earlier, said, "It is really very happy to see old Mao's heart from this movie." "Fashion is dynamic: Liuchin Jouzhinglian lead a generation of nostalgia comedy not lack of fashion elements although this is a nostalgic comedy, but in the"Quit smoking do not quit alcohol "a few watching the film will be invited, such as Yang Lan, Zhongxiang and other famous mouth big names have lamented" did not expect Shimao film so fashionable Feeling ", which naturally has the Director of the Shimao of credit. It is reported that the old Mao for the director as a big screen for the plot has been a long time, has been painstaking research on film photography techniques. And a few young actors Liu, Chosenliang, Mo Xiaozi performance is also the work. Chosenliang's Playboy, Liu's well-behaved daughter, Mo Xiaozi's sexy secretary has added a lot of fashionable flavor to the film. And in order to complete a run cool play, Chosenliang at first hand, this is not trained before the Chosenliang is also a big challenge, even the director Shimao have wanted to use a double, but Chosenliang still left a mishap after the completion of the play. No wonder the famous mouth Yang Lan said: "Shimao this movie is very fashionable, he can now many young people interested in the film, which Liu and Chosenliang slide single row of the play is very contemporary, it can be seen that he is the film's idea of the bitter kungfu." "Midlife crisis: Shimao calls himself" male version Lala "focusing on the survival crisis in the middle age the director Shimao has always claimed that" quit smoking does not quit alcohol "is" a very realistic film ", although the film is comedy, but also perspective on many of today's social problems. Indeed, the film is also focusing on the difficulty of today's business. "In fact, this film can be regarded as a biography of me, or the mentality of every middle-aged man." Because there are a lot of things I have encountered, or friends around the personal experience. "According to Shimao introduced," In fact, Pau is a male version of the Lala, but he struggled to the place is on the wine table. He talked about the business by drinking, and therefore with the family is not very harmonious, and even have an ' extramarital affair ', these things believe that many middle-aged people have met, I think everyone can find themselves in the film. Guang Junmei, who plays Shimao's wife, admits: "I almost didn't feel like I was on the scene when I was playing, because these things do often happen in life, so it's easier to play." ”
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