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In the site optimization process, the site is down the right is actually a very common thing, now many successful sites have more or less experienced the right to drop the site. If our site down the right after the street to scold search for the inhuman, search will not index what is the use of it? It is better to play down all this, every day to continue to do their own things, and then to analyze their own site is down the right to appear in the question where is not the best? Personally believe that A website has not experienced the right to be lowered or k, then this site will never be successful, as the saying goes, the people who have gone through vicissitudes are the most qualified to speak. Then in the weight of our site has been dropped, we are all over the sky to scold search lead or calm face this problem? The whole Sky Lambaste Search is not helpful to restore, can only appear to you very childish just. I think, when the site is down right, we need to calm the analysis of reasons, calm mentality, calm waiting for recovery is the most critical.

Calm attitude

If you will visit the Webmaster Type of forum site every day, you will find that every day there is a site is right after the post appears, this kind of content is either to ask down the right reasons, or scold search cited. For the first, emotional can also be accepted, but every day there are such repeated problems, many webmasters even look lazy to see. Because it is your own site, even you do not know why your site is down right, that means you do not know your site situation, and others how to understand it? I do not know what the long-term business. Like opening a shop to sell clothes, their own clothing is not a safety certification, manufacturers do not agree to sell discounts do not know, how to sell with customers? In the same way, website optimization, if your site is down right, the first thing to do is to try to put the negative emotions easily generated downward pressure, Or we can change the point of view of the site is down the right this event, as it is to improve their own SEO technology a experience. Buddhism has a cloud, ordinary heart is to deal with all the emergency medicine. The same in the site is down the right, more need to maintain a common heart, used to quickly analyze the reasons for the right to decline, this is a strong guarantee of rapid recovery.

Analysis of the reasons for calm

When a site is down right, we need is not everywhere to ask the reasons for posting, for their own site even do not know the reason for the right to fall, how can others understand it? such as a website type to do is a joke, and b do is the enterprise, when a site is down right, ran to ask why his site was down right , General B will be based on their own experience to optimize the enterprise site to give a analysis, but a reason can only be used as a reference, after all, enterprise station and personal site details of the optimization skills are different, of course, to give their own analysis of the reasons, a will immediately put these reasons, and then one to solve the treatment can regain weight? ? In fact, I think, a when you see your site is down, first need to do is not to ask others to be down the right reason, but first to find the cause, to eliminate all the impossible reasons, the remaining reasons to find solutions, and then deal with, and then through a period of observation to see if these reasons, if not, Then to consult some experienced webmaster, the other side to give advice and self analysis of the reasons for comparison, the same reason can be removed, because they have been tested, not this cause of the site is down the right, some of the reasons for their analysis is not the same test, to see if this is really the cause of the problem.

Calm waiting for recovery

Whether the right to be dropped or after K, want to restore will certainly wait for some time, short day, long is indefinite. However, many of the sites down the right after their site was down right, do not want to do anything, there is a fantasy of their own site will be restored, although the restoration of the weight is to wait, but this wait not to do nothing but sit and so on, but one side to deal with the possible reasons for the impact, while patiently waiting for the search for the trust. However, many times, after we have dealt with the factors that may cause the right to fall, the next step is to continue the operation while slowly waiting for the search to come again. However, sometimes the reality is more brutal. Just like the author before a small station, on-line just full three months, included just broken million, weight also reached 4, from Baidu to obtain the flow of about 2000, but is because of the sale of links and was the search for the punishment, the site weight overnight from 4 to 1, of course, many of the keyword rankings also disappeared. And the author's approach is to remove all the trading links, the paragraph back to the customer, after processing this key point, began to adhere to the original content, quality outside the chain, related to the operation of friendship, after the operation of the next is a long waiting period, after all, the site was down right after the search cited again, The strength of the assessment is more stringent, because the search has been touched by the bottom line, in their own file book left a stain. Therefore, understandable, in the restoration of the right to drop the site, the webmaster needs to learn to wait, patiently waiting, this is to give their own spiritual support.

Site is down right, don't just scold dad scold Mom, we should first let our mood will not be affected, and then to the peace of mind to analyze the reasons for the right to fall, and then put the adverse or may cause this situation to deal with, and finally is patient waiting for search lead again to visit their own site, In order to restore the site to search for the friendly degree, while allowing the search to lead more trust in their own site, so that the loss of the weight of nature will soon come back. This article is about the use of psychological to solve the right to reduce the problem, in fact, a lot of stationmaster is because too anxious and make oneself fall right of the site restored to a distant future. So, the site is down right, calm face is very important, but also learn to quo. This article by http://www.ceclub.cn Popular 2012 exclusive feeds, A5 starting, reprint Please specify, thank you!

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