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The SARFT regulatory harshness of the television box rare.

Internet box in the previous wave to seize the living room, the future of the road to go?

Music as "box" temporarily shelves millet said that temporarily unaffected

TV, box, one of the regulation can not be less. Recently, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television had respectively met with the licensee of the seven major domestic platforms for video broadcast and control, including the four major local platforms of CCTV (Central Television, Central Broadcasting and Radio Network), Guangdong, Shanghai, Hunan and Zhejiang, and ordered them to implement a number of new policies , Which includes the shelving within a week of all non-issue of foreign film and television shows, micro-movies and so on.

In fact, most of the domestic video broadcasts are conducted through TV boxes, Internet boxes or IPTVs (provided that the seven major licensees cooperate). Therefore, the requirement immediately aroused the concern of users: could it be that the box will be the decoration? What is more, the market even rumors that all licensees may not cooperate with LeTV box. The truth in the end how? Market or "box" paradise?


The box hit "edge ball" public

"Within one week, all overseas film and television dramas, micro-movies and internet dramas that do not have a distribution license are taken off and checked by the SARFT no later than July 21." Such stringent regulatory measures are rare. And this comes from the "natural growth" of the box has varying degrees of violations. For example, although LeTV cooperates with CCTV as a licensed party, it has its own "LeTV Zone" with exclusive video resources provided by LeTV, which is a typical "edge ball".

This reporter was informed that the requirements of the SARFT rectification include the major licenses broadcast a large number of offline broadcast within a week without a qualified broadcast of foreign films and television shows, micro-movies, online drama; both in the old box or a new box Content, must be included in the broadcast platform management, and all the contents of the platform are licensed party to maintain and clean; license version of the EPG (electronic program menu) must be submitted to the SARFT; unapproved end products Not allowed to market.

Another important point is that the licensee can not cooperate with the enterprises under investigation. The industry believes that this is known as a similar video and fast broadcast sites. But another interpretation involves music. The latter is more widely heard rumors "seven integrated services licensee side, can no longer cooperate with the music Watch." Affected by this, music as the stock price plunge, and temporary suspension of the deal.

Music as clarified:

Has been sold out of the box to be rectified after the resumption

On July 18, LeTV sent a notice to E World that LeTV and CCTV were found to have violated the rules in the cooperation with Internet set-top boxes and required corrective actions. During the rectification period, licenses other than CCTV should be suspended from cooperation with LeTV until the rectification was completed and acceptance After the other licensees continue to cooperate normally with LeTV.

At the same time, LeTV and CCTV jointly rectified the existing problems of the internet STBs. LeTV Mall stopped the sales of internet set-top boxes. The rectification plan specified by both parties has been completed and is being reported to the regulatory authorities. LeTV will complete the rectification as soon as possible to resume the sales of set-top boxes. Music also revealed that it will adopt an independent or joint broadcasting system unit to jointly apply for Internet TV content license.

"Xiaomi box has not been affected, as usual sales." The same day, millet stakeholders said. In fact, millet box, Lynx magic box, flying boxes and other similar products in the continent are in normal sales, and Lynx Magic Box also added new services, to the "movie + music + games + education" into a box in.

Earlier, SARFT consecutive "shots": Prohibit the installation of third-party video APP box products, radio and television departments to force the installation of self-developed TVOS operating system, turn off time and playback capabilities. The industry believes that SARFT will in one fell swoop of color TV, the box (whatever), video sites, etc. into regulation, to achieve "big unification", then or in the "triple play" more initiative on the action.

User concerns:

Can I still use the box?

"My home box has become a decoration it?" Ling told reporters that such a "worry." This reporter learned that many 70, 80 after the fashion white-collar workers are all box or TV rod fans, the family apart from the traditional set-top boxes, there will be a box. "Although the price of the box to buy back is not expensive, but there is no American drama, Korean drama, British drama and other films, to me it makes no sense." User Liang more than the words also reflect the voice of many box users. The netizen Miss Wang said that the recent discovery of the millet box at home can choose a lot less video content.

This reporter interviewed some of the box with the "cooperation" of third-party video site, the response said, "will strictly abide by the SARFT policy." In fact, in addition to millet, music and other hardware manufacturers, some domestic video sites in order to "snatch" living room entrance, will cooperate with the licensee to launch TV sticks, boxes and other hardware products, only a small number, so the impact is limited.

At the same time, a domestic video site insiders told reporters, "According to my understanding, this should be mainly for the box, because the video sites, mobile phones and Pad mobile video both in regulation and content are mature." This means that the user can still watch out-of-plane via mobile phone, Pad mobile terminal and the like. In addition, it said that in recent years everybody is laying out the family internet. However, as the regulatory policy has not yet been clear, many people are playing "edge ball" and the future development of the box is expected to look like the video website of the year. With the regulatory system Gradually mature and healthy competition.

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