Rain forest wind selling 15.net Domain founder denies financial crisis

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April 26 News, according to China revealed that rain forest Wind company recently commissioned the company to auction domain name 15.net, auction from 24th this month, a period of 7 days.  Yesterday afternoon, rain forest Wind founder Railing Maple Technology revealed to Tencent, the first selling domain name is not his financial problems, but the normal domain name investment action. Railing Feng Introduction, 15.net fine short easy to remember, but also with the Zhejiang commercial city "Yiwu" pronunciation is very close, if used as a regional e-commerce domain name, the application value will be very considerable.  It is reported that Yiwu international trade city is the world's largest small commodity distribution center, but also China's first aaaa-level shopping tourist area. Tencent technology from WHOIS information to see, the current domain owner for Railing maple, domain name point to rain forest wind 114la.com. Previously, rain forest Wind acquired a large number of domain names, including 115.com, xp.com, qq.net and so on.  However, the dumping domain name is the first time for Railing Maple. In response to the spread of rain forest wind because of the rapid expansion of the financial crisis caused by the topic, yesterday afternoon, Railing Maple in Sichuan Jiuzhaigou to Tencent technology to deny.  He said that domain name trading is just normal investment behavior. Rain forest wind for the domestic entrepreneurial Internet company, currently employs more than 80 people, its 115.com aggregate search, network u disk, YLMF OS operating system, software download site, 114 Web site navigation and other projects.
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