Rainstorm warning, big data can solve big city "injury"

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July 12 News, the recent continuous rainstorm warning will be our memories reset on July 21, 2012. Beijing's 61-year-old torrential rains will not let people forget for a short time. The scene of stagnant water in urban areas, traffic interruption, many injuries to municipal projects, and the flood of many vehicles are still fresh. Behind this disaster, we have to re-examine, in the "colorful" behind our city how many injury? We have to rethink, what can we do to make it healthier?

Speaking of this issue, Beijing http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/7494.html Software > Co., Ltd. Technical director Zhao Ying said that the city's security and traffic must be long-term planning, focusing on the long-term fundamental solution, Deep excavation of the root causes, comprehensive treatment, prevention and control of the combination of relevant departments should be clear responsibility, unified coordination agencies, unified planning and construction, can not where the loopholes to plug where. Now with the advancement of IoT technology, the use of Internet technology to do early warning work, in addition to the historical data mining collection, real-time data mining is a trend in the future. The deeper application of large data is to improve the management level of urban economic operation and the management of social public opinion through this technology.

Therefore, the establishment of a set of resources and economic indicators combined with the characteristics of the city, will be dispersed in various departments of resources and urban economic monitoring data, to provide data support for the optimization of economic structure, to enhance the urban economic operation and management level plays an important role and significance. The same side has now established to EZM2M platform as the foundation, the data resource management platform for the support of the city's operational signs management and large data information services integrated management system, and has achieved and built a variety of things networking industry applications, the real release of the value of intelligent city and energy.

China is entering an era of urbanization. Urban management and service system issues began to enter the decision-making level of vision. In particular, the constant occurrence of a large number of sudden public events, our city must establish and perfect urban public management and service system, form a unified and efficient emergency management network, improve all kinds of plans, prevent, eliminate, control and remove all kinds of safety problems such as power grid, underground pipe network, road and bridge, strengthen fire prevention, epidemic prevention, flood control, Earthquake and other facilities and team building, significantly enhance urban and rural disaster prevention, mitigation, disaster relief capacity.

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