Re-discussion on optimization: Don't let the website tread on the road of treading on thin ice

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When a website traffic more than 90% from the search engine, it can be said in the SEO has done very well in place. But although the operation of SEO is very successful, can be beneficial must have disadvantages, at the same time the risk is also very large. When the main key words of traffic accounted for more than 50% of the site on the thin ice, may be in search engine rules change, the site traffic is bound to decline significantly. Optimization search engine like people on the ice, although there are some risks, but we can still make this risk to the lowest, even can get rid of the search engine is not impossible.

First of all, the site traffic is basically composed of two aspects: A: Search engine, B: Users of the site's viscosity. For the former search engine is the basis for the survival of small and medium-sized sites, it can be said that no search engine support must not be based on the Internet. However, for the latter, mainly rely on the user's viscosity, a significant increase in user loyalty after the user will actively adhere to this station, the collection, the next time you will be directly remember the address or visit the collection to enter the site rather than still need search engines to query filter site. From this we come to a conclusion: Search engine optimization do not rely entirely on the main keyword to do traffic, the transformation of the site is the search engine to the user viscosity excessive.

One: Mastering the long Tail effect

With the scramble for SEO optimization into the white-hot competition, relying solely on the main key word has been difficult to upgrade the site's development space. Even if the big web is still the case, the long tail effect of the keyword is more important from the user's point of view. Use the idea of add up to play a long tail competition. It can be seen from the long tail effect of the importance of the word. If the long tail word is very good, for example: If a long tail word to bring 10 IP, if it is 1000 long tail words can bring tens of thousands of IP, it is conceivable that the accumulation of long-term to bring the flow is very considerable. From the SEO point of view, such traffic is also more stable, unless the search engine on your hair, or small scale adjustment on the flow will not affect too much. Who can more favorable use of long tail words for traffic capture, in fact, who can grasp the user's search habits, accurate understanding of the user's search content, the human nature of the long tail word layout is undoubtedly to improve the flow of the most stable method, because the search engine is increasingly the trend of human development. From the initial keyword stack, you can come to the flow, and now gradually towards the intelligent, can see this. After all, the Internet has more and more information, users more and more, simple indexing is already on the machine, or users can not keep pace. Therefore, the webmaster can only shun the situation and the line.

Two: Enhance user viscosity

User viscosity enhancement is the site to the independence of the logo, a lot of webmaster ignore users to pursue the interests of the moment, the site a little achievement ads overwhelming, regardless of user browsing is more convenient, such a site can only use a word to describe the "garbage station", why is the garbage station? Although there is content, but the change of emphasis is the nature of the garbage station, and this flow has too many destabilizing factors. Website to develop, user viscosity is very important. The author has just built a blog of Shijiazhuang seo, although only 3 days, a day only dozens of traffic, but a return visit users reached 50%, if the long-term down is undoubtedly very valuable wealth. How to enhance the user viscosity, first of all, from the site itself, valuable information for users to read and use, another is to bring users more convenient reading space, in the experience of the site should also be a way to enjoy the trial process, rather than want to immediately understand the required information after the reluctant to wait a moment and waved off the browser. The above statement is only a general content, for the sake of users is the most effective way to increase user viscosity. QQ every day to see this group of inquiries about how to do optimization, why the home page was down the right? In fact, do a good job to do, search engine how to drop your right? Do a good job of retaining users so that the site can be transformed, even if one day no longer included and why not? We are not as big as the Web site has hundreds of thousands of millions of fixed users to browse every day, but to achieve thousands of of the user's viscosity is not difficult. Some webmaster may not agree with what I said, user viscosity so good grasp it? It just proves that you are doing less, you have too little experience, and there is no need to explain anything. You come to the webmaster Heart has the verdict of my words is correct.

Third: Contentment can be changle

Some stationmaster oneself optimizes to do already good, but see other people's website to feel this kind of optimization actually better, then again and again revise search engine already indexed website. The final result will always be counterproductive, not only after the modification of the optimization did not see the effect, its own efforts have been completely beaten water drift. Contentment, excessive focus on the search engine optimization is the future of the site over the grasp of the uncertain factors in the hands, optimization can indeed improve the site rankings, but the appropriate situation, do the content can also make up the gap, and even better. Don't be too vellus the question of Mao's argument. Contentment can often le, Ann points to do a good job, Tiandaochouqin will still get their ideal goal.

       always holds the future in the hands of others, and over-reliance on search engines is not a long-term strategy. Shijiazhuang SEO join hands with professional website construction company Pilotage Technology ( that: small and medium web site people get traffic, the Internet transformation for intelligent human nature is the inevitable development.

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