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Recently in A5 Browse Soft wen, inadvertently found that everyone is discussing a new concept of SEO common reference, but also predict in the future may replace the role of anchor text, because is also just received this word, so have interest, then everywhere looking for relevant explanation information,

First look at Baidu Encyclopedia explanation: "Common reference" from the SEO point of view is: "If a site a article and site B of an article quoted from the Site C, site A article said:" So-and-so point of view had to talk about the content of the site C. "Then the Site C this quoted article will also have the effect of SEO." ”

Let's look at a few of the key points raised above, first of all, site A, site B, Site C, a total of three sites, and then is to improve to an article, and finally improve the C of this article will have SEO effect, in fact, I checked the internet, this concept seems to have been proposed, is about Google, But it has not attracted much attention, recent domestic SEO celebrity Lu Ying wrote an article on the common cited articles, and then published in their own blog above, and then reproduced to the A5 above, so suddenly fire, everyone began to discuss, here mentioned an interesting episode, For this article, because Lu Ying has already posted it on his blog, and now again reproduced to the top of the A5, pay attention to my words, since it is reproduced, that this article is not original article, at least in other places have appeared, this is a special case of the place, believe that if it is common people, That must not pass, because Lu Ying is a celebrity.

All right, here's the digression, and then I ask my questions: then the Site C this quoted article will also have the effect of SEO, note that the following explanation does not mention the site B, then I would like to know what the role of the site B, and the reference to the Site C This article is cited as the SEO effect, I want to ask is the effect on the site C this domain name, or effect on the site C of this article pushed a key word, here just mentioned ABC, I think there may be abcd,abcde .... And so on, the site C mentioned above must refer to an article in Site C, that Site C This article should not be first indexed by search engines, if included words is a top-level domain name of a chain, itself is a role, if not included still have the effect, it may be really useful, What it is, but at least it is not explained clearly.

Then is the above mentioned site B, site D, etc., is not similar to such bdef, etc. the more the better, if this is true, then we can be a large number of man-made bdef such as such, that such words do not know can also play a common reference effect, It's going to be a bdef. If this is true, it is not the same as the cross link, anyway, the more I think the more chaotic, because I have just come into contact with this view, so I do not know if there is no one and I have the same doubts, and the future may really have such a possibility, Or a famous artist in order to hype put forward to mislead everyone, now the internet is falsehoods things, who also said not clear why, we come to speak freely!

Electronic scale article from Shanghai Speed Exhibition Electromechanical Co., Ltd. promotion staff, A5 starting, reproduced please keep the link.

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