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Rolling Yangtze River East dead water; waves scouring all the heroes, the late Han Dynasty, the Han room weakened; now the search market, Baidu Wolf thinking gradually lost, the company's staff, life Easy, 360, Sogou, search, Pan gu, immediately, search and search for the warlords and up, ask who is the next search dynasty?

In addition to the site, the most of the fight is the counselors, generals, troops, fodder. In fact, this and today's search market is very consistent, talent competition in the search market is common, because of its high technical threshold, so the desire for the corresponding talent is unprecedented; Counselors can advise the enterprise, brand propaganda, negative dilution, for enterprises and enterprises at the helm to win the reputation, thus converting this into more troops and fodder.

Search: Technology for the King, sales for the emperor

Immediately net as national team, burning money 2 billion, but did not last 3 years, the main reason is that they do not pay attention to talent, search technology is its core, but in the period of 3 years has not been used for their own. This is one of the defeats; second: The whole company does not attach importance to sales; Without a strong sales team, who can help them open up the territory?

We look at Baidu at present, its main profit model is the alliance to promote advertising, other products are in line with this service, only need this one, he brought a lot of cash flow. How can a website without hematopoietic capacity contend with it.

We look at 360, Sogou, when 360 through antivirus, sogou through the input method to occupy the user's desktop, immediately focus on sales; if there is no strong sales team, they also do not have the ability to survive to the present.

Again fancy search nets, search nets no Sogou and 360 so high-profile, has been a low-key improvement of their third-generation search, in search of constantly strengthen their own; low-key 8 years, such as one day, alone support national enterprises banner, accumulate more than 6,000 enterprise users; This can be said to be 14 branch sales of credit; without them, the search is not today.

Mobile layout;

Where the Netizen is, where is the business opportunity; The popularity and development of smartphones solves the problem of entrance, the mobile Internet is developing rapidly, and its overall user group is more than the traditional internet.

At present 360, Sogou, Baidu and so on are not enough to deal with this change of products; And the layout of the search on the mobile internet has been completed; to the third generation of search technology as the core, to create a search Yuet, mobile tickets and other products for the pioneer Layout Mobile Internet, for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide the owner of the app and extension services; and has been a strong sales team and the operation of the team before the rush, the recent successful landing in the new three The search is really said to be out, who and the rivalry!

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