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Keywords Don't become these that is if

1. Do not arbitrarily modify the site URL has been released, or if this page is included, you changed the previous page is a page can not be accessed 404 pages.

2. If the new station, the new page to increase speed not too fast, such as, I manually add a few articles a day, in the essence not much. Do not import thousands of of thousands of disposable.

3. If there must be a URL change, the old URL should be done 301 to the new URL. About this problem, actually see the situation, if you can do it, do not even if the search engine in the future update will slowly clear. The aim is to avoid and minimize such phenomena.

(the author for the company is responsible for optimizing a website, its core keywords in google, Yahoo has been home first.) But before and after changed the n version, the main reason: the boss of my art is not very satisfied, and often have some ideas of their own changes, but the rankings have not been too much change.

Summarized as follows: Key words if not too big problem do not move, the main page of the file name as far as possible to keep unchanged, is the above said URL do not change, but if make some changes is not too much relationship. However, there is a point must be noted: it is someone else to link or quote your page URL do not change, otherwise your external links will be tantamount to a waste. My company is a software development company, to provide software downloads, so no matter how the site changes, download the file name and path is never changed. This is a simple truth, but you need to pay attention to the novice

• The main things to write to the website:

1. Accurate and concise title

2. Multiple segmentation to prevent reading tiredness.

3. Tone not official, into the personal characteristics

4. Less empty words

5. Small title: Help readers to grasp the key points. (or "First", "second", "third")

6. Can bring some inflammatory emotion

(The main purpose is to create a friendly environment for visitors to make a good impression, thereby increasing traffic.) )

• Should adhere to the site content is the first element of search engine optimization

1. A large number of original content can help you in the customer's heart to establish a good reputation and authority status, and this customer also includes search engines.

2. Other webmaster will automatically link to your website.

• How to select keywords:

1. Keyword not too broad, a page general 1-2 is enough.

2. The main keyword is also not suitable for too long too special, such as company name (well-known brands out)

3. Standing in the user's perspective, professional terminology users will not search, such as SEO ^-^

4. The most efficient keywords are those that compete with the least number of pages and are searched most frequently by the user.

5. And your website to be related (this is very important, the site information and site theme more concentrated, the more easy to increase the weight. )

• Want to be a seoer should learn knowledge:

1. Marketing + Web page production + simple Web site program writing + SEO Technology

2. Project organization and Coordination + focus on the new development of search engine optimization technology + writing ability

3. Learn Web Interactive design. The user experience.

• What to do if the site is punished or blocked:

1. First determine if your site is completely sealed, or just a drop in rank. Search for a domain name or URL directly; Use site: command to check; Use a unique sentence on a Web page to search for (copyright information, for example);

2. Check server settings, robots.txt files, and Web sites for excessive optimization (excessive optimization is now often a major cause of the rankings being penalized).

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