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Comments: According to last week (July 19, 2009 to July 25) Thunder online games Download data shows that this week TOP10 are familiar faces, individual game Rankings change larger.  The proportion of domestic and imported games is 2:8; the proportion of leisure and role playing is 3:7, and the import and role playing games dominate the popular list this week. China-made games: Import games 2:8 Leisure games: MMORPG 3:7 World of Warcraft rankings this week soar, Rong Deng popular top, NetEase Warcraft official website July 23 The latest interim notice of the vast number of Wow players brought a long-lost excitement, wow will start on July 30 new beta, and the official website in the day opened the new version of the "World of Warcraft 3.1.3 Client and upgrade the patch download, just 3 days, accumulated more than 500,000 downloads, I believe that the players who have gone to Taiwan have come back ready to participate in this frenzy of the beta activity; July 25 CF ushered in the same time online 1.2 million of the industry record, the official joint major media held a series of anniversary celebrations are still continuing, the form of rich and diverse, prizes rich, what else? Hurry up and join the team. This week's ranking has fallen 2 from last week to third place, the official at the Joy show there are a lot of tricks, I believe that the long tour booth in the white tent inside the pole dance show attracted a lot of GG's eyeball; the fourth Grand corporate Adventure Island dropped 1 this week from last week, The official July 23 held the "Adventure Island Five Anniversary" of the grand celebrations, double experience, good news. Players; the fifth century day into the running run kart car this week ranked 3 higher than last week, the official website July 23, a new version of the P606 of the client and patch download released, updated content involving "Cold one Summer" theme activities Sixth Tencent QQ Rook ranked 1 higher this week than last week; the seventh Fox swims in the Dragon eight this week the number drops 2; the eighth Tencent company Underground city and the warrior returns to TOP10 this week, the official website July 20 has the new patch the download to release; the Nineth Grand Company, the Eternal Tower, dropped 3 this week from last week,  The official continued the free to the player to the Aion New Edition "The Valley Echoes" the black Gold disc application registration work, believed that soon the players will be able to appreciate the new version the style Oh; the tenth century day becomes the counter-strike ol this week the rank is not changed last week, hoped continues diligently! Summary: China Joy ended this weekend in Shanghai, the game manufacturers also continue to introduce new, not only this summer let people feel the white-hot market competition, I believe that the last 2 quarters of this year, there will be a lot of brand-new game will enter the view of the players, but how many can become a classic game, let us pay attention to it! (Source Eric Network compiling China business-to-business Research Center)
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