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From the Ministry of Information Industry of the People's Republic of China "on the adjustment of the Chinese interconnection" > Network domain Name System bulletin (letter of the Ministry of Electricity [2008]172 number) can be seen:

1, the Chinese Internet domain Name System, Chinese +.+ English suffix This type will exist for a long time, and all kinds of suffixes may exist in the Chinese prefix, that is, how many kinds of English suffixes, there may be how many Chinese prefix + English suffix in the Sino-British hybrid structure of the domain name.

2, the entire Chinese domain name, the tentative following several:

。 China--Applicable to the units in our territory, corresponding to the English domain name in the. cn;

。 Company--Applicable to commercial enterprises and other for-profit units, corresponding to the English domain name of the. com;

。 Network-suitable for owning or using network facilities to provide services, corresponding to the English domain name in the. NET;

。 Government affairs--Applicable to Partine organs, government departments, etc., corresponding to the English domain name in the. gov;

。 Public good--for non-profit units, corresponding to the English domain name. org.

3, 5 kinds of Chinese domain name is only "tentative", the future of Chinese domain name, but also may be like English domain name to add suffixes, such as corresponding to the. Jobs. Work ", corresponding to. Travel. Tourism ", may also appear in the Chinese administrative area name, for example. Hong Kong,. Macau,. Guangdong ... The words of the old and the foolish: "Posterity, infinite GUI also." ”

4, the Chinese domain name suffix management,. Government and. The public good is in the office, that. Will the company be managed by the SAIC?

Announcement on adjusting China's Internet domain Name System

Ministry of Electricity [2008]172 number

In order to meet the needs of Internet multilingual domain name development, support Internet organizations to carry out Chinese top-level domain testing and so on, to do a better job in Chinese domain name registration and management of public service organizations, to create a good domain name development environment, according to the "China Internet domain name management measures", China's Internet domain Name System was announced on February 6, 2006 for local adjustment. Now the adjustment of China's Internet domain Name System will be announced.

March 19, 2008

China Internet domain Name System

First, China's Internet domain Name system at all levels of domain names can be letters (a–z,a-, uppercase and lowercase equivalent), number (0-9), connectors (-) or Chinese characters, the level of the domain name between the real point (.) Connection, the Chinese domain name between the various levels of the domain name in real or Chinese period (. Connection。

Second, China's Internet domain Name System in the top-level domain name "CN" outside the temporary establishment of "China", "Company", "Network", "government" and "public welfare" and other Chinese top-level domain names. China-Applicable to the units within the territory of our country; company-for profit-making units such as industrial and commercial enterprises; network-suitable for owning or using network facilities to provide services; Government affairs-applicable to Partine organs, government affairs departments, public Welfare-applicable to non-profit units.

Third, the top-level domain name cn, set up "category domain name" and "Administrative Region name" Two categories of two domain names.

Set "category domain Name" respectively: ac-applicable to scientific research institutions; COM is applicable to enterprises such as industry, business and finance. edu-applicable to educational institutions in China; gov-applicable to Chinese government agencies; mil-applicable to China's national defense agencies; NET applicable to the provision of Internet services, org-applicable to non-profit organizations, government affairs-applicable to Partine organs, government departments, etc., public welfare-for non-profit units.

The establishment of "administrative area name" 34, applicable to China's provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, special Administrative Region organizations, respectively: Bj-Beijing; sh-Shanghai City; tj-Tianjin City; cq-Chongqing; he-Hebei Province; sx-Shanxi Province; Nm-Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; ln-Liaoning Province; jl-Jilin Province; HL Heilongjiang Province; js-Jiangsu Province; zj-Zhejiang Province; ah-Anhui Province; fj-Fujian Province; jx-Jiangxi Province; SD Shandong Province; ha-Henan Province; fj-Fujian Province; hn-Hunan Province; gd-Guangdong Province; gx-Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; Hi Hainan Province; sc-Sichuan Province; gz-Guizhou Province; yn-Yunnan Province; XZ Tibet Autonomous Region; sn-Shaanxi Province; gs-Gansu Province; qh-Qinghai Province; nx-Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region; xj-Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; tw-Taiwan Province; hk-Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; mo-Macau.

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