Real estate on the first day of sale only part of the floor was suspected cover plate reluctant

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According to the Chinese voice, "Yang News" 11:10 reported that Beijing Fengtai six-Li Bridge in a real estate building 12th tomorrow (28th) will launch new listings, but only three floors open, the move is suspected to cover the plate?  We connect the CCTV reporter Wang Yefeng.  Moderator: To introduce the current situation about the real estate. Reporter: Fengtai six-li Bridge Yong-Yi Mansion building 12th tomorrow Open 11, 16 and 27 floors, the average price is 20,001 to 20,002. This project is a hardcover tower, decoration standard of 2000 yuan per square meter, the opening of about 30 households, huxing area ranging from 68 to 93 square meters. Sales staff said that tomorrow they do not organize arranging, only accept direct delivery of the first payment to buy a house.  Today, someone came to arranging, but was persuaded by the sales staff to go, because it is too early, the sales staff told me, there must be a line from the beginning of this evening to buy a house.  Moderator: The first day of sale sales only three floors, such a situation is not to cover the suspicion of reluctant? Reporter: First of all, Yong-yi mansion is very good location, less than 5 kilometers away from the Jinrongjie, and the surrounding Line 9 lines and Line 10 lines of the subway, walking 10 minutes to arrive, which is also a lot of buyers fancy value potential.  Many consumers said that such a location is not now buy, the price is higher, even now you have to buy a bite teeth, there are many people worry, every time the availability is very few, if this row, the next opening will be higher. It is understood that when Yong-Yi Mansion opened in October, the average price is 20,000 per square meter, a total of 60 sets of listings, at that time to pay 30,000 yuan intention of customers reached more than 200 households, many customers did not buy a house, and then they added a number of listings, the sales staff expected to 29th will also open new houses,  But the price must be more than 28th per square metre more than 500 to 1000 dollars, if you want to open the choice of room or other floors, this can also, but the price is higher, is 26500 yuan a square meter. It should be said that the wing-Yi mansion side is in the phased partial open part of the housing sales, one side at any time to accept the scattered home buyers to buy a house, to be cheap to line up, Yaotu choose more space, it is necessary to dig more money, with the price as a lever to circumvent the state of the reluctant of the nature of the cover plate. But although not to cover the plate reluctant, but also did not reach the national crackdown on reluctant, such as the purpose of the phenomenon, and did not let consumers out of the house endless Price panic.
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