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Procreate's reputation in the ipad painting world is self-evident, it seems that the S-series had just poked a few days ago. Love before the application has a fairly professional procreate evaluation, compared to the former, this article focuses on the application of the menu function, plain text, content logic (points) more clear, easy to novice reading! And this time the user evaluation of the updated version, the two mutually confirmed, I believe that everyone must be itching unbearable, join WL, such as freezing point! Primary school is the only art of the full score is a self-portrait class, perhaps because of the ugly painting and the ugly complement each other, perhaps the teacher sympathize with this poor student. Anyway, this is the only time in my life not so embarrassing art results! Pull away, the following is the formal introduction of the software-procreate first, create a canvas the software has retina,square,4k,1080p and A4 five kinds of cloth to choose from, at the same time, the software also reminds us, each kind of canvas has its unique range of use. such as retina is most suitable for the ipad ratio, and A4 is the most suitable for printing of course the software can also customize the canvas size from 1616px to 40964096px to create different canvas according to individual requirements two, Brush tool library to know procreate whether it is a brush, Eraser or Daub use common brush tool, and the whole brush tool is also the essence of procreate. Procreate the brush into two systems: shapes and particles that create different effects through two different combinations. So the software builds a lot of brushes by defining different shapes and particles! Of course, you can also click on the brush to meet your needs by changing the strokes, shapes, particles, dynamics, basics, and resources to create a brush that meets your needs. Because of the variety of brushes, that represents the variety of brushes, smear and skin tools. The square canvas that you have previously referred to is suitable to create your own brushes and special canvas, while you can also slide the brush to the left to complete the brush deletion, copying, sharing and other operations. Third, the layer used PS may be more familiar with the layer, and procreates can allow the artist to create more than 16 layers! By clicking on the layer, you can choose whether to clear, fill, lock or merge the layer, if you click on the back of the layer of N, the layer itself can be light and shade, contrast, difference, color for different settings, which is basically consistent with the principle of PS work. Of course, you can also to the left Torato layer to delete the layer to copy and other operations, using PS to know the role of the layer, and 16 layers can basically meet the needs of the artist on the ipad. Four, color procreate color is mainly through the color, saturation and intensity settings, for your favorite color you can also take it to the following black box to build their own color library. The only disadvantage is that sometimes the color code feature can greatly simplify the setting of the color, by its being like me the little white, always have no way to pull out the color you need at the same time in the software updates added to the Color tool, as long as the combo canvas, select the desired color, but in practical sometimes when painting will accidentally touch ... Five, deformation, selection tool and filter function for these three features you should be familiar with! However, the selection tool is not only zoom in and out of the rotation function (the right side of the operation visible interface), but also has a moving axis, and can use gestures to fine-tune, by its fine-tuning work on the ipad on the role is quite obvious! Filter function, just select the filter you want and slide it around the canvas. The auxiliary function draws can carry on the import, the sharing, with the equipment pen connection and the tool setting, the mask and so on. It's important to say. Export sharing, procreate can support export pro,psd,jpg,png in four different formats. The latter two believe that everyone is familiar with the first pro format is procreate format, in this form of save, you can maintain the original layer settings. PSD is a format that supports PS software, and you may be able to modify your artwork in other ways, other than the ipad. Seven, gesture support and backstage support procreate has 15 kinds of gesture support, gesture support can make the painting process simpler, avoid some details to take care of, and the specific gesture support and other issues can be in the official forum to learn and communicate! Summary: Overall, procreate is an extremely concise software, by its operating interface, I did not even specific to explain, because the novice to see how to undo the last step and how to adjust, how to rotate. But so simple and easy to use, the functions are very perfect, you need is the technology and imagination, of course, such as my half half-baked also can find great fun! PS: Well, no equipment pens, painting some of the self-abuse finally sent my work, I hope that the pirates do not still bricks and eggs, haha
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